A lost puppy! part 1 – How it started

“To be in the presence of Mistress Ezada is to be in the presence of the ultimate Female Supremacist. Enslaved to Mistress Ezada you surrender control over every aspect of your life, you willingly surrender your pride, your dignity and your ego. You exist solely to serve, obey, and please your Mistress and to suffer purely for Her pleasure. Your submission and obedience must be total and all consuming. Just like a devoted puppy. This is no fantasy, this is real life in the world of Mistress Ezada Sinn. She has no need to raise Her voice or to shout, just a mere look or the raising of an eyebrow is all it takes for you to cower in obedience, to kneel at Her feet awaiting your guidance and instruction. Like a devoted puppy.
Last December I was summoned to visit Mistress in Her home town of Bucharest to “undergo further training”. I was told in no uncertain terms that this would be the sternest test yet of my obedience and devotion, of my willingness to suffer for my Mistress and to submit my mind, body and soul. Total and unwavering submission without question, without hesitation. I knew deep down that this was a test I had to pass if I was to be allowed to continue in service to my Mistress but the steeliness in Her words scared me. I had no idea what to expect, apart from the unexpected, and yet I felt the strong pull of Her authority and dominance. I had no choice.
“When you arrive at Bucharest airport you will stand immediately outside the arrivals hall to the right and there you will await collection. You will keep your head bowed at all times and you will not move from that position no matter how long it takes”. I emerged nervously from the arrivals hall and followed Her clear instructions. With my head bowed it was difficult for me to see but I knew the airport was very busy and that it would not be long before people would be wondering why I was standing there with my head down. Just like an obedient puppy. Was She there, was I being watched?! I dare not move a muscle just in case and of course I am fearful of the painful consequences of disobeying a direct order from my Mistress. 
“You will not wear any jewellery, carry any money or credit cards or have a mobile phone in your possession”. So I had no idea of time or how long I had been waiting. I felt lonely, exposed and vulnerable. But like an obedient puppy I did not move. After what seemed like an eternity and with all sorts of scary thoughts filling my head I was aware of someone immediately in front of me. A card was held out with my slave name on it and one word was spoken – “follow”. I was put in the back of a car, the weather was very cold and flurries of snow filled the air as the car was driven off. I felt cold and exposed not knowing where I was being taken. There was no conversation with the driver. Eventually we arrived in an underground car park and I followed the driver into an elevator. There was a dark foreboding about this place. We went up to what turned out to be an apartment, the driver pointed to the bathroom and ushered me in before closing and locking the door from the outside. And switching out the light.
Once again anxiety gripped me tightly. I am locked in a small room in total darkness, not knowing where I am. I do not speak the language and I have no money or credit cards or means of communication with the outside world. Like a frightened puppy I pondered my fate. I was filled with fear and uncertainty. Luckily I had the presence of mind to remove my clothing and assume the waiting position hoping that the next person I would see in my life would be my Mistress. I know also that failure to memorize and immediately execute any of Mistress’s 10 slave positions on demand has a very painful consequence. I fumbled in my bag for my slave collar and chastity device and lay them on the floor beside me as I waited. 
Again I lost all sense of time as I shivered in the cold and wallowed in my helplessness. My ears strained for the slightest noise that would signal the presence of my divine Mistress. My imagination ran riot with every slight sound that I heard. I lost count of how many times I thought I heard a door opening. And then it happened, I heard a door opening and closing. Heels clicked slowly on the hardwood floor. Please let this be my Mistress! The heels moved around backwards and forwards as I knelt expectantly and hopefully in the waiting position, my knees now sore and my back starting to cramp. But thinking this must be Mistress my spirits were lifted, if I had a puppy tail it would be wagging with anticipation.
At last I heard the bathroom door being unlocked, my eyes blinked as they became accustomed to the light filling the room having been in the dark for so long. I dare not move. The heels clicked around in front of me and immediately I recognized Mistress’s beautiful thigh length leather boots. The smell of the leather was intoxicating and as Mistress ordered me to worship Her boots. I was overcome with relief and happiness, just like a puppy seeing it’s owner. I rejoiced in my mind at the thought of being in the presence once again of my amazing Mistress. “Follow on your hands and knees and bring your collar and chastity” . I dutifully obeyed. “Present balls”. Taking up the required position Mistress then deftly fitted my chastity device. Next was the hand signal for collaring. At this stage my head was still bowed and all I have seen is Her boots and hands as She fitted the chastity. I moved my head forward for collaring and as She fitted the symbol of Her ownership She took my chin between Her thumb and forefinger and slowly raised my head until Her deep dark and entrancing eyes looked down into mine. Her beauty is totally overwhelming, She always looks truly stunning in images but nothing compares to the definition of Her divine features in real life exquisitely framed by Her long black lustrous hair. She leaned forward so that Her full cherry red lips were by my ear. “For the next 12 hours I am going to test every aspect of Your obedience, servitude and suffering for My pleasure. So far today You have done quite well, but Your ordeal is just beginning. I can only hope that you are strong enough to survive the test. You do not want to know about the consequence of failure.”
I knew from the look in Her eyes and the strong and unequivocal determination in Her seductive voice that I would have to take much physical and mental pain to satisfy Her desires. Chains were fitted to my arms and legs and She led me by the collar back to the bathroom where I was chained and padlocked to the toilet. Prior to that She had relieved Herself into the toilet and as my head was forced down and the lid closed I was told to deeply inhale the heavenly scent. Once again in the dark I was scared and frightened of what was likely to follow. She returned eventually to retrieve Her now shaking puppy.
She was dressed in the most amazing outfit I have ever seen. A sheer black top was stylishly offset by a bright red tight corset which accentuated Her amazing figure. Her legs were adorned by satin opaque tights and the whole outfit rounded off with stunning black patent leather over the knee boots.Kneeling upright in front of Her She proceeded to torture my nipples with Her incredible stiletto nails. Fear enveloped me, no words were spoken but the cruel smile on Her face told me that things were about to get a lot worse for me. But for Her, much more pleasurable.
Ezada Sinn red corset
As She secured me tightly bound over a work surface, with my legs separated by a seemingly huge spreader bar, She filled my mouth with a ball gag and whispered in that seductive tone “Now your are in trouble. I am gagging you to muffle your screams. I am highly aroused at the thought of whipping you and then violating your man pussy with My strap on. The more you suffer the more I will be aroused and I warn you now that I intend on having many satisfying orgasms at your expense”
I could feel myself sweating with fear. My gagged mouth was dry. And then I felt my back and backside being rhythmically flogged, the tails of the flogger appearing to get heavier and heavier as She applied more pressure to Her strokes. After a few minutes She stopped but my relief was short lived when She told me that was just the warm up. “Now You will feel the kisses of My favourite snake whip before My black Russian whip lashes across your skin” I could feel and sense Her arousal at the thought. I managed to move my head slightly so that I could see a reflection of Her image in the glass. I saw Her raise Her arm and then I felt the sting of the first of countless lashes across my back and ass. I experienced a strange mixture of emotions. I could appreciate the grace and style with which Mistress wields Her whips, She is an absolute natural and makes whipping an art form. The pain of each lash became more excruciating. My skin was on fire. Never before had I known such pain. But I could see Her becoming aroused, I could sense Her pleasure. Any slaves goal is to please his Mistress so I felt an odd satisfaction in knowing that my Mistress was deriving much pleasure from my suffering. The whipping continued relentlessly as Her arousal grew. And then it stopped. But there was more suffering to come as I felt Her fingers start to lubricate my tight man pussy. I could hear Her fitting Her strap on and then I felt it start to slowly penetrate me. It seemed huge as She eased it into a reluctant orifice. And the She proceeded to ride me vigorously, so much so that I thought I was going to be split apart. It was hugely intense as She pleasured Herself in this way and again I felt that strange satisfaction of knowing how much it was pleasing Her.
She eventually withdrew Her cock and untied me. As I sank to the floor I instinctively worshipped Her boots before She pulled me to worship Her amazing ass. Tears filled my eyes as I embraced Her legs. I never wanted to let Her go. “Good boy” She whispered a number of times and like an obedient puppy I knew that my Mistress was satisfied. My skin was still on fire and my ass ached and stung but I felt so good that my Mistress had been satisfied with my performance.
She graciously allowed me to kneel beside Her and to recover my senses before announcing “All this pleasure has made Me hungry, soon we will go out, you have 15 minutes to prepare yourself. Do not think that your test is over”
Her words once again filled me with alarm and fear. What more is She going to do to test me. From feeling satisfied that I had given Her pleasure once again uncertainty and worry filled my mind. I was ready within the 15 minutes and whilst She was preparing She took me to face the wall and placed a small coin in front of me before pushing my nose against it saying “If you will let this little coin fall before I am ready I will whip you again, and so hard that it will be a long time before you can sit down” To ensure I didn’t use my hands whilst She was not looking She cuffed them behind me.
She seemed to take a long time but I guess it wasn’t really. My face ached as it felt like I was trying to push the wall down just to hold that little coin in place. I heard Her heels and thought that She was ready but alas no, She was just testing me! She did this a few more times before finally releasing me from this little torment chuckling to Herself as She did so. I was so relieved to have held the coin in place – the numbness in my nose and face would have been nothing compared to another whipping on my already ravaged ass.
Mistress looked so wonderful with an apparently satisfied glow as we left the apartment to take a taxi to what I discovered was Her favourite restaurant. As we sat down She still had a devilish look in Her eyes that caused anxiety and worry. She proceeded to order a delicious meal of wild boar and vegetables whilst I was permitted just a glass of water. Even then there was a twist as She retrieved a small bottle from Her bag and emptied the contents into my water. “A little of My Champagne to add to the taste” She mockingly laughed! All I could do was watch Her eat and enjoy Her wine and at the same time marvel at Her mesmerizing beauty. I was hungry and clung to the hope that like a good puppy I might be allowed some scraps from Her plate. Alas it was not to be and my suffering only increased when She ordered Her favourite desert. All I could do was look on drooling with the hunger.
Mistress the grinned at me as She left the table telling me She had some business to attend to. “Stay here and do not move” were the words that rung in my ear as She departed the restaurant. I sat there dutifully, like an obedient pup. I had no idea of time but thought it must be quite early as the restaurant was quiet. Every time the door opened I thought it would be my Mistress returning. Diners came and went. I attracted a lot of stares in that restaurant as I was not eating and had only a tiny drop of “special” water left in my glass. As the restaurant filled I was becoming very anxious and worried. I had no idea how long my Mistress was going to be gone. What if something had happened to Her? What if She had been involved in an accident? Why was She taking so long? Here I was in a strange country, I have no money, no credit cards, my passport is in my bag in an apartment but I have no idea where that apartment is. I have no mobile phone and do not speak the language. My head jerks around every time I hear the door but to no avail.. As the restaurant empties I am filled with fear at the helplessness of my situation. Eventually I was the last one in the restaurant, not having moved from where I was told to stay some hours earlier. The waiters and staff clear up and strip down the tables. The restaurant is about to close. I am close to absolute panic thinking that if my Mistress does not return in a few minutes what am I to do. I cannot pay the bill and I will be unable to explain anything. 
The manager finally comes to the table, my Romanian is non existent and his English is very poor. I thought he said he was going to call the police because I would not pay the bill but could not be sure. He disappeared, what was he doing? I could end up in a prison cell. I had joked to myself early on just after Mistress left that if She didn’t return I might be spending the rest of my life washing dishes here. Now the reality of the situation was really frightening. Nobody in the world, only my Mistress, knew where I was. The hopelessness of my situation scared me so much. I did not know what to do. Never have I felt so alone and vulnerable. The manager returned but I could not understand what he was saying to me and I could not explain my predicament. Help! Where is my Mistress?!!
Finally he gestured for me to get up and showed me to the door. He had to close the restaurant as it was now late and I could no longer wait inside. At least I think that was what he was trying to say. I guess he had understood that I had no money but thankfully he did not appear to have called the police. As I was ushered outside and the door locked behind me I was so frightened. Not so much a frightened pup, but a stray one abandoned in the streets to fend for itself. I was so cold, so alone, so vulnerable and scared beyond belief. I sat down on the pavement and tried to evaluate the situation and work out what I could do. But it was hopeless. I had nothing and could not communicate. Even if I found a police station how am I going to explain and who is going to believe such a story.
I sat there desperate with my head in my hands and all I have to convince anyone of my story is some whip marks, a sore ass and a chastity device! There were not many people around and this appeared to be a quiet residential part of town. Each time I heard a voice or saw a passer by I hoped it would be Her but each time my hopes were dashed. 
As I pondered my fate thinking of the possibility of ending up living rough on the streets of Bucharest a car pulled up on the other side of the road. A figure emerged but it was dark and I could not see. But I heard the clip of heels on the road and I recognized them. They sound so much like those of my Mistress. My little heart raced, is it really Her? Please let it be Her! The steps grew closer and as I looked up and the figure emerged from the darkness I realized it was my Mistress!!! She stood beside me and I dropped to my knees wrapping my arms around Her ankles and slavishly kissing Her boots. Never have I felt so relieved, just like a lost puppy reunited with it’s owner. What a heavenly moment. I was exhausted physically and mentally as my Mistress leaned down and patted my head saying “Good boy, you have passed the test!” I unashamedly wept tears of relief and happiness. My ordeal was over… or was it?”   
story by My slave len, based on real facts.

female suprremacy, dominatrix