Picture of the week 37 – Double strap-on abuse

Me and Mistress Roberta will train our sissy slut to take our cocks both in the same time: while one will be in his tight “pussy”, the other one with be in his mouth. We both have big cocks today: I have a black one, she has a white one. As any sissy, our slut is locked in chastity, it’s not through his small clitty that he has to receive pleasure.
Mistress Roberta will be the one to start with his “pussy”, opening it up with her big white cock. It slides in quite nicely, even though the slut seems to moan rather of pain, then of pleasure, you can’t hear him very well when I’m sitting on his face. Well, I am pretty sure it’s pain, from the nipples that I torture. She fucks him rhythmically and he definitely likes it, like a good whore: his small prick is dripping a lot. Next it’s time for Me to fuck his pussy, with My big black strap-on, while he cleans his ass juiced from Mistress Roberta’s cock. I fuck him hard and deep, while verbally humiliating him and making him admit that he is our whore and he loves our cocks inside him. In the end, he has to clean My cock too, before I turn his mouth into a trash bin for our used condoms.


This is a still from My latest clip on C4S

Mistress Ezada & Mistress Roberta strap-on assfuck.mp4_snapshot_05.33_[2013.09.09_23.35.11]