A guide for My devotees – Don’t be a time waster!

I am happy to be well known on the international Femdom scene. It feels great when people from all over the word write Me emails telling Me how much they appreciate My clips or how how they would love to serve Me. I try to answer to all coherent emails I receive but I find Myself spending too much of My days in front of the computer, most of the time answering emails. I don’t want to use an assistant/slave to answer My emails – it’s something too personal, but you can help make My life more comfortable and this are some of the things you can do:

  • Don’t write Me never-ending emails – I do appreciate them, but try to keep it short and concise;
  • I don’t want to chat about your fantasies or My fantasies – if you want to have a closer relationship with Me, to exchange emails, phone calls, messages, show appreciation for My time and join My online training program – if I would offer My time to just anyone who would like to chat with Me, then I would have no time to do anything else at all;
  • I receive hundreds of emails every week and sometimes it takes some time to get on top of them – be patient;
  • Help Me spread My religion and promote My website / clip stores (Mistress Ezada Sinn and House of Sinn)
  • Buy My clips (from both My store and the House of Sinn store) – I don’t consider this a tribute, but, as My fan, devotee or slave, you must support My business/Me;
  • Write on social media (Fetlife, Twitter) if you like My clips – let people know about it;
  • Be active: comment, retweet, reply on Fetlife/Twitter – make yourself visible without being annoying. I do not answer every time, but I acknowledge you eventually;
  • I am only using Twitter and Fetlife – feel free to create fan pages on Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, etc., but make sure you write very clear that it’s a fan page and link it to My website. There’s a big difference between a fan page and a fake profile!
  • If you find pirated clips with Me or fake profiles, report them and let Me know about it;
  • Do your best to make My life more pleasant and easier.

This is how you can contribute to My happiness. you want Me to be pleased and happy, right?

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