Alert in Malaga full

The memoirs of an undercover agent

medor portrait

June 2016
Malaga airport,
on Friday, May 27th, 2016,
at 2:20 pm

Good afternoon Sir
« Sir », this is 001. The man in straw hat and dark glasses. A Moldavian living in Romania. I dare not call him by his registration number : he is very jealous of his authority!

agent 001

– Hello 007. You have seen KURTZ? It’s done ?
KURTZ is a German dentist, and “007” it’s me, MEDOR. I’m number 007 in the Organization, and I am very proud of this number so well beard by Sean Connery, the British secret agent. Sean Connery is my idol ! I would like so much to be like him !

It’s done. You are fine ?
It’s okay. Let’s go. Follow me. Quickly. The Boss is waiting for us in the parking.
Some news of 004 ?
004 is my friend. He’s American, and I met him in Costa Rica. As he hates violence, travels, and field missions, we nicknamed him “SIT”
– We have seen him recently in LONDON, and in DUSSELDORF where the Organization has offices.

I annoy 001 with all my questions. I must not insist. 001 is not talkative!
Between us, we always use our registration numbers, like in spy movies. But, following 001 in the parking lot, I am thinking of the latest invention of the Boss: he would like to give us dog names. Yes, dog names! What an idea !
The Boss considers that numbers, James Bond style, it’s not very discreet. I don’t disagree : numbers, it acts secret agent!

I would rather be a German Shepherd, as they are glorious animals: I have one at home, and I love it. It contributes to ensure my safety when I go on mission. Not that he is nasty, he is gentle as a lamb, but it’s scaring !
Meanwhile, since the Boss decided that, I would be a Labrador … Go ahead for a Labrador

* * *

Arriving in the parking lot, I had the surprise of my life. There, sitting on the back seat of a BMW car, I saw a young woman, a very beautiful young woman, a slightly cold yet fascinating beauty. The Boss is a woman boss !

The Boss - Ezada Sinn

On reflection, it’s not so surprising, given the objectives of the Organization.
But I still hesitate, and say stammering:
You … you are the Boss? … Or will you lead me ?
My surprise makes her smile:
No, I’m the head of the Organization. The “Boss” if you prefer. The one and only Boss.
You should be flattered that I came personally to meet you at the airport : I had business to take care of in Malaga.
Come on, do not just stand there, looking at me stupidly : come on, and sit in the car next to me.
But first, tell me, have you seen KURTZ ?

Berlin, Alexanderplatz, May 16th, 2016

Good morning, Mister KURTZ.
Good morning, you are 007 ?
They gave me notice of your arrival. I must « fit » you up, as you will probably be promoted, and meet the « big boss »… You’re well oiled! He cares very much for preserving his anonymity! Imagine I neither had the chance of meeting him… after thirty years of good and loyal services…In a few words, I have to adjust a cavity in one of your teeth, and set down five grams of this powder. Must be a kind of cyanide. Then I will crown it all…. Thus, in case of trouble, it will be enough to tear up the crown.
Do you prefer I hollow a healthy tooth, or a tooth already devitalized ? With a healthy tooth, it would be stronger : I’d be more sure of the result.

A healthy tooth, I think, if it doesn’t hurt that much… But if my crown peeled of accidentally ?

First I am going to drill a tooth of the lower jaw. Furthermore you would have only to spit and rinse your mouth.
So stop panicking! The tooth is nothing. You’re very lucky, I tell you! My successor will take away all that, when you’ll go into retirement … if either …

In the BMW, May the 27th, at about 8:30 pm

Goddess Ezada Sinn carDefinitely I don’t like at all the south of Spain : some sort of deserts between mountains. However, the place where we are going now is rather green, as we are keeping to the side of a valley. And it has been raining a lot recently…
Sitting to the driver side, the Boss explains she wants to « become acquainted with me », and to test my abilities to serve her faithfully… without ever questioning her orders, and in any situations. That’s why she has created a Training centre near by Malaga.

We’ll be there in less than a quarter of an hour, she added.
I’ll get to know later that this « Training centre » is also the villa where she’s living, when she doesn’t travel all around the world. And what a villa ! Superb !

Saturday, May the 28th, in the Training center of the Organisation

Yesterday in the car, the Boss told me a lot about the Organisation. Obviously, she puts all trust in me, and that makes me very proud.
This morning everything going well, like clockwork. Lonely, the villa is located on the top of a hill, surrounded by beautiful landscapes.

I spend all my time between bathing pool, and kitchen duties.

As you have certainly noticed, I’m trying to get into favour with my Boss, giving her all marks of an extreme submission…

Goddess Ezada Sinn slave medor Spain Malaga vacation

I don’t know what my idol – James Bond – would think of that, but it’s also for pleasure, for my pleasure. Finally, I like licking her feet. My boss is so nice and so beautiful !

Besides, here, they are all in love with her. Why not me ?

Bless me, Medor, you’re not falling seriously in love with the Boss ? Take care, Medor. Don’t put your foot in it. One must not mix trifle and toil !

Finally, if you want to be indulgent, and given the equally undeniable charm of our Boss, you could assume that 001 wanted to ensure the validity of above hypothesis ?
I have not told you that, in the Centre, wearing the kilt is mandatory for all male staff members. And we must wear a collar displaying our serial number. The Boss claims it’s essential to ensure safety, and to maintain discipline!
About discipline, I have the impression that the boss still distrusts me a little. It makes me sad, and I walk on eggshells…

Ezada Sinn portrait Spain
During my recent assignment, in Thailand, Serbia, and Costa Rica, everything went very well, and I was qualified for our Boss compliments.
But earlier, in Algarve (Portugal), I got angry for a silly reason, abandoned my workplace, and almost gummed up the whole works. They had to replace me off the cuffs ! The Boss expelled me for six months, and I had to beg her to reinstate me in the Organization.

The Organisation has over 14000 registered supporters, and the la Boss is always very present. I know all about it. She is managing permanently 5 to 10 missions, and towards leading agents, she set herself the rule to answer always in less than 24 hours.

The Training center, Saturday, 4 pm

Meanwhile serious things/chores were to begin soon.

In the middle of the afternoon, my Boss came back from her room fully dressed in leather…

So beautiful and thrilling in leather !

She looked exactly what she is really  : an heroine of spying movies… who would fall soon in the waiting arms of James Bond !
She talked for a long time with her assistant, a certain Miss Velvet, and with a man clad in red latex overall : probably a frog man, a combat diver in charge of setting mines under the bottom of hostile vessels ?

Ezada Sinn Velour Spain
Then my dear and beautiful Boss sat down, and gave me a sign to come closer :

– Bring me the whip you offered me. It is in my bedroom, on the table, she ordered curtly.
Here, I must give you an explanation. In Berlin, when he gave me notice of being invited in the Boss’s villa near Malaga, I asked 001 timidly what kind of little gift I could bring to the big chief, for thanking him ?

I thought 001 was making fun of me, when he showed me on Ebay – with a little smile – a beautiful whip with a silver handle, intended for leading hounds while hunting. This whip was sold by an Englishman, and, if I was not myself a little English, I could suspect him of being a « serious depraved », knowing there is hardly any more hunting in England.

But 001 was very insistent, swearing he was serious, and that this gift would certainly please the Boss. So I bought the whip, and offered it to our Boss, while arriving, on Friday evening.

Therefore I went to her room, where I found again this strange gift. Then I came back alongside the swimming pool, holding neglectfully the whip in my hand, both excited and a little anxious… I thought she wanted to show her new toy to Miss Velvet.
You put a knee on the ground, and hold out both hands, when you present something to me, roared my Boss who added at once :

Now I will see if it’s possible to turn you into a good boy. Are you a mollycoddle, a yellow belly ? Do you fear pain ? Have you been whipped already ?

I don’t think so . No.
So I’m going to whip you.

I want to be sure you are devoted enough to me to endure humiliations and pain.
Sure you want to please me whatever would be the price !

I am going to whip you, on this pommel horse, alongside the swimming pool, in full sight of everybody !

You’ll understand I could not take pictures of what has been a major episode in my life.
That kind of “episodes”, unfortunately there have been others, many others. But that day, in Malaga, it was the « first time ». The one you will remember for ever !

She hurt me really bad. However, having at last dropped down her whip, she looked vaguely worried, when she asked me :
You suffered a lot ? It was endurable ?
And me, for pleasing her, I answered courageously… and stupidly :
– For pleasing you, I could take much more !

At that time my Boss seemed very satisfied. She made me a big smile, and put back her nose in her cell phone, for sending Tweets all around the world.

So I vanished in the kitchen to get over my emotions by devouring some pieces of chicken, and to finish the wiping of lunch dishes.

Goddess Ezada Sinn whipping medor

The Training centre, Saturday, 6:30 pm

Later in the evening, 001 appeared in the kitchen, armed with his camera:
Mistress wants to see you now, disguised as “little marquis”, with your wig and your kilt.
This expression “Mistress” I heard for the first time, surprised me, and I refrained from answering “again” !
I had not enough confidence in 001 to allow me that kind of joke.

So I put my suit of a Scottish gentleman in the eighteenth century, and came to introduce myself.
Here my cruel Mistress lifted my kilt and said :
Goddess Ezada Sinn slave medor Spain Malaga vacation leather

We are going to start again: you do not even have marks, and now 001 will take pictures especially for you. In the future, when you go on a mission, you will take those pictures to remember you would pay dearly for disobeying me … Not talking of “treason”: you know I never hesitate to take decisions – let us say – “final”!
That’s where my serious «  training » began.

A member of the Organisation must endure pain without flinching.

The Boss says it’s “a great proof of love towards her”.

To the wise, salvation !

This time the Boss hurted me horribly ! Over one hundred blows, at maximum force !
I could not help but cry. I still have marks.

However, when it was finished, my Boss seemed again very satisfied. I had not shown great courage, but I think she was pleased to have let off steam as well, and happy that I was not disputing her authority in any direction, even in my flesh.

The night from Saturday to Sunday

On Saturday evening, I have been qualified for an extraordinary sign of encouragement !
Instead of sleeping in the small building reserved for staff (planned to withstand a siege when needed, and built over a nuclear fallout shelter), the Boss get me into her bedroom!
You heard well, good folks, into her bedroom !

Arriving in her room, my Boss laid down on the big bed she shares with 001, to rest while resuming her busy bee work on the Net.

Look at those leather pants that molds her hips, thighs, buttocks … Great God, I love leather … and I love even more my Boss!

Goddess Ezada Sinn knee high leather like boots

She excites me, the Boss! She does everything to arouse me!

Ah, if I was James Bond, for a long time she would have fallen into my arms !

But I’m not James Bond (the only things we have in common are the kilt and the lace shirt), and our night was wise. Wise but intimate ! We talked a lot. She talked about her life and her work. I understood better the difficult position of 001 within the Organization and with the Boss.

We really got acquainted.

I slept on the floor on a mattress at the foot of their bed. I fell asleep like a log, while she was still slogging with 001.

Training center, Sunday, May 29th 2016

Waking very late, after a good night’s sleep, strewn with erotic dreams on which I will not expand. On waking, I’m allowed to lick her toes by way of greeting. We had lunch outside in a nice little restaurant, and hang out at the pool.

However Madam has decided I was worthy to undergo the ultimate test, which would decide my future in the Organization : the cross!

leather religious fetish cross outdoor slave Domina
And here I am, on the way to the mountain, dragging a heavy wooden cross. I’m exhausted and terrified. Madam is capable of anything, and her imagination is boundless!
There, at the top of the mountain, my feet together on a narrow platform and arms handcuffed to the branches of the cross, I’m supposed to remain suspended three meters above the ground, for an indefinite time … A kind of pillory reserved, she said to encourage me for the best members of the Organization !
For scaring me, my dear and sadistic Boss added
– you might be torn by crows! but I know she was joking.

Finally, she promised I will come back in two hours.
Two hours out in the sun, thereby suspended, it will be terribly long! But to please her, I kept my mouth shut, I accepted the challenge she gave me… and then she went down in the valley, leaving me alone, all alone on my cross. To suffer, and worship her in silence!

Miracle !
She comes back already … so fast !

All this scene was meant to break my will, and to test my courage, my desire to please her, and my ability to follow her in the wildest adventures.
My lovely Mistress said she was “satisfied with me”. I thanked her warmly, as appropriate after each crucible.

Goddess Ezada Sinn dog walking outdoor leather boots

Ode to the memory of « 006 »

And then my Mistress told me that I was promoted to No. 006.
The former 006 was liquidated during his last mission in St. Petersburg, and I have to replace him in Russia, with contacts and drop points in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Ex 006 was a good guy. A young and wonderful guy, a bit in the moon, but so nice! He was also an ideologue and a true scholar, who had already written two books tending to prove the female superiority. They distributed them free to members of the Organization, but I had no courage for going beyond the twentieth page. One day, in New Delhi, we slept in the same hotel room. He showed me his back: a horror! Covered with bloody marks … He explained, almost weeping, he was a coward, he had messed up completely his last mission, and the Boss had « punished » him. Of course 006 was a scholar’s seed. Not a man of action. At that time, I did not understand those tears, nor why he let her massacre him like that.

But now, I get on the other side of the barrier, and I understand better 006 attitude, and the reasons of this famous « punishment ». I know that the Boss is a woman, a wonderful woman! I’m sure she acted for the good of an unskillful agent she liked. A great proof of affection: she could – may be even she should – have ejected 006, but she wanted to keep him in the bosom of the Organisation.

001 gave me the name and address of the guy who wasted ex 006. A freelance, a self-styled friend of 006.

As the body of 006 has been found in the old town, in front of a bar, it could be assumed it was all about a drunkard quarrel that went to the bad.
But you never know.

In my job, you don’t take any chances, and you must ensure to be respected.

That doesn’t amuse me particularly, but arriving in St. Petersburg, I’ll have to destroy that guy.

A matter of respect and security.

Saint Petersburg

So, very soon, I’ll be a « Not governmental Secret Agent» in St. Petersburg.

The rub is that I don’t speak one word of Russian. May be an accelerated training immersion? We’ll see.
In the meanwhile, for entering the territory of the Federation of Russia, I’ll join a group of English tourists cruising on the Volga, from St. Petersburg to Moscow… When I informed my Mistress of this idea, she thought for a while, then declared that, if the dates were convenient for her, she would like to come with me, to guide my first steps, and to take a short holiday in Russia.

It’s marvellous ! I’m so happy ! I know quite well that my beloved Mistress wants mostly to make sure of the quality of my work, but she spoke also of “holidays” ! Some holidays with Medor, with myself !

In the Organisation, 001 is the only one who speaks Russian fluently. It would have been extremely useful to have him under my thumb. But I prefer one hundred time the company of my dear « Mistress » ! Speaking of my « Mistress » (like 001), I should all the same ask her what’s her first name. It’s better and more discreet for travelling together. Otherwise, I’ll look at her passport on the sly.

medor kissedAs says Marc Lavoine in a well known song (in France) (1) :
“  Elle a les yeux révolver,
Elle a le regard qui tue
Elle a tiré la première,
M’a touché, c’est foutu “

My dear Mistress has « touched » me with the lash of her whip, of course, and « it’s over » because, from now on and for ever, I belong to Her !

Finally, for marking well my promotion, I was entitled to a kiss of my adorable Mistress. A kiss on the cheek !

An extremely rare honour : I’ll try to keep the mark of her lips on my cheek as long as possible , even if I cannot have a wash during three months… until our departure for St. Petersburg !

* * *
(1) – She has gun eyes, She has a killing look, She has shot first, Has touched me, It’s over
Next episode : « From St. Petersburg to Moscow »

Fantasy written by My collared slave medor inspired by Our/our vacation in south of Spain (May 2016)