Soap and the Art of Punishment

People often ask Me whether I think that punishment is an art. I sure think it is. It is incredible what You can achieve with people by administering the right punishment to them. With punishment it is like with everything else in life. It needs some talent, it needs some knowledge, it needs some education, it needs quite some practice and most of all it needs passion. I have really been inspired by the concept of “mirroring punsihment”. That concept dates back into the middle ages. It is basically based on the idea that the punishment should reflect the wrongdoing. Thus justice will be like an echo to the injustice committed by the delinquent.

To give you a simple example: If a slave would disturb Me by sending an unrequested WhatsApp message in the middle of the night, I would forbid him to contact Me by mail or message for a certain period. “Embargo” I call this. The isolation I sentence him to reflects the offense of the unallowed communication.

This is of course only a very mild example to illustrate the concept. I can sure do much better. Like simon, My young slave, had to learn recently. I had allowed him to invite Me to the French Riviera. A privilege for sure. I know that there are so many other slaves out there in the waiting room knowing about his luck and grinding their teeth in envy.

But on the third day simon seemed to have forgotten about the luck he had and how he had to behave when with the Goddess. W/we were driving around in his car in Nice, he was looking for a parking space and couldn’t find one. So he then started swearing around in French. Swearing aroud like a sailor with Me sitting right next to him. How could he dare? The offense was obvious. I have to be in control of the situation, not his anger. Always. By letting his anger guide him he was disdaining My status and integrity. A no-go for sure.

I remained very calm at all the time while he was yelling around. Browsing My phone actually. To tell you the truth it did not make Me feel unpleasant at all – but I can’t allow this kind of behavior in front of Me. So once he had stopped, I announced him with a very calm voice that I would later make him remember forever that I am in control, not his anger. I told him that he must remember this and that I would for sure make him remember. I did not even look up from My phone while talking.

After having made that announcement I started to completely ignore him. That was the ouverture to the punsihment. If he puts his anger above My sublimity, he has to do without my attention at all.  (I knew that he would soon start to beg Me to punish him at once because he just cannot stand to live under the threat of the announcement and even more so in the state of having fallen in disgrace  – he was thinking probably of some whipping but My plans sure were different. So I ignored his whining for My whip and told him to shut up.). So he was forced to walk idly behind Me for the rest of the afternoon, following Me unadressed and in silence. While I had a nice little snack at the “Lé sejour Café” he had to wait for Me outside. Standing at the door where I could see him, so that I could be sure that he did not make any nonsense or entertain himself in any way. To be of just some little use to the Female gender I told him to open the entrance door for every woman entering or leaving the café.

Back in the hotel room it was time to give him what he deserved. I went to the bathroom and changed clothes – I prepared the camera for some filming as well. he was in waiting position all this time. For the inteded punishment I needed just a little requisite, nothing special really, but at the same time very effective. Unfortunately in the hotel room there was just a little piece of solid soap. But is was ok, it would do the job it had to do. After I had changed into boots and an animal print dress that simon just bought for Me, I ordered him to come closer. Open mouthed. I told him that I would now clean his mouth of all the dirt and filth his swearing had left behind. Then I rubbed My hands with the soap to prepare some foam to then wash out his mouth with. Of course he was not allowed to rinse it with water. Finally I stuck the soap into his mouth. Told him to keep it there.

After I had washed his mouth I gave him corner time. He had to kneel in the corner, naked and with his hands held up in the air for one hour. Again a simple thing, but you would not believe how painful this is for the delinquent. The most sadistic part was when I told him after the punishment, when he was coughing and gagging on the soap and really struggling with his sore throat that My brother, as a little boy had been close to death because he accidentally eaten some soap. A true story actually, but a big difference between a 3 year old boy and a young grown up. I also told him that I had never done this sort of punishment before, which was true and that I was not sure wether he will be all right, but that I did not really care as he had also not cared about My well-being in the car. What poor simon did not know, of course, was that I had read in the past a lot about the tremendous effectivity of the mouth washing and had been fascinated ever since to try this on the first occasion.

he was really trembing in pain and agony and fear and I was just laughing seeing him like this. he deserved it. he was so scared that he asked Me if I wanted to kill him. My answer was just a laugh in his face. After 10 minutes he threw himself at My feet telling Me that he deserved the punishment and I could do with him whatever I wanted, kill him if I want. Oh, this is what excited Me the most. Seeing him scared, knowing that I am mean, toxic for him but he was still begging for more. Addicted. Like all of them are. I was so aroused, the situation turned Me on so much … I got My single tail from My handbag and started to whip him and then I came over and over again, one orgasm rolling over Me after another, many of them, countless. I ended up lying on the bed playing with Myself for hours and just denying him any pleasure at all. Wonderful.

The clip shot during this punishment can be found on My clip store

Mistress Ezada dirty mouth washing

The next day he was as soft and obedient as a little puppy, trying to be as good as possible. he was the paradigm of attention and advertency towards Me, really. And now, after several weeks, he says that it was in fact a good experience, because he feels now closer to Me than ever.

So, not the beautiful landscapes or the magnificent buildings of the Cote d´Azur made My trip. Not the gifts from My slave or the fact that he really tried to impress Me. But the fact that he, like all My slaves, can’t resist Me. Whatever I do to them. That I shape them with My punishment. Stii, nu-i asa?