Prayer to My Goddess

i worship You, Stapana.

i belong totally and absolutely to You.

i serve and obey only You.

i will never again serve any other Mistress, unless You have sold me to Her. It is Your right to do that, because i am just an object for You, a piece of property to be used or discarded. But i pray that You will always be satisfied with my submission and slavery to You, and will never wish to sell me.

The chastity device holds my manhood 24/7 in its grip, Your grip. I think constantly of the key, worn as a trophy on Your necklace, or, more probably on a key ring in Your handbag, with the keys to so many other slaves. It makes me feel owned, helpless under Your total power over me. Escape is impossible, and i think You know already that i no longer have the power or will even to try to escape from You. Stiti totul, Stapana.

i understand every day more what it means to be Your slave. my cock is Yours. But every other part of my body is also Yours now, Stapana. Every part of me is under Your rule, and can on Your command be made to serve You.

Stapana, i enjoy so much the new position You taught me, prostrate and spreadeagled, with tongue to the floor, symbolically cleaning the ground on which You have walked. This is a also very painful position for a slave wearing a tight and rigid chastity device, which makes my twice daily worship ritual even more sacrificial. Of course i do not feel the physical sting of Your whip on my to back to encourage my devotion, but there are times, more and more frequent, when i do inside my head hear the crack of Your whip and feel the searing pain of its sting.

Your absolute power is slowly reaching all parts of my brain, Stapana. i am totally Yours now. Use me as You will, my Goddess.

Because You can.

Because i must.”

by slave d
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