A Christmas gift – Mistress Ezada Sinn’s portrait by Sardax

Mistress Ezada Sinn by SardaxMy Christmas gifts started to arrive. One of My servants offered Me this beautiful piece of art – My portrait made by Sardax. My slaves ready to serve Me, the mise en scène, the small details (My favorite whip, the leather jacket) make the whole scene look so real. I simply love it!

I had My slave write the story of this drawing.

“Mistress Ezada Sinn. Portrayed by the wonderful Sardax. She is my Mistress. Or i should rather say, i am Her property. It seems so inappropriate to use a possessive pronoun when speaking of the Mistress.

i had the privilege to give Her the portrait as a gift for Christmas and She commissioned an accompanying story from me. i had written some mainly fictitious short stories for Her entertainment and pleasure in the past. For this picture i tried, but just couldn´t.

i couldn´t because this picture is not fictitious. It depicts reality. Not like a photography shows a reflection of  reality. More like an x-ray picture that not shows the surface of things but what is behind the surface. The core of things, the heart.

The picture is Her as She really is. At least how i see Her in my humble attempts to embrace Her to the full. Mind, body and soul. It starts with the little details: The leather jacket that one of Her faithful slaves had offered Her as a humble present, Her bullwhip that She so much loves and carries as a symbol of Her absolute power like a Queen carries her scepter. Then the couple in the back with the naked slave under the ladies stool, a foreshadowing of the soon to come era of Matriarchy that my Mistress so deeply believes in.

Mistress Ezada and me have been together to the place this picture shows. That means in fact, She took me with Her, i was allowed to follow Her. i won´t mention the name of the place here because it does not really matter. It is a fancy, traditional restaurant in downtown Bucharest.

You will notice that apart from the male in the front on the right, there are two more naked slaves on the picture. They are two of Her personal slaves. Men who have devoted their whole lives, their whole existence to Her service. Just like monks in a monastery devote their whole life to God. No reservations, no compromises, no fall back position. They live through Her. Before meeting Her i had only read about such relationships in Femdom literature. i had no idea that such devotion to female Divinity really existed until She showed me. Well in fact, She did not have to show me, i saw for myself. So wherever She goes, no matter where She is, the love and affection of Her slaves is with Her. The reality of their constant obedience is like an aura to Her. Even if you do not know, it is plain to see and obvious to feel. So this is about the other slaves.

Being there with Her i was naked. Not in the sense that i did not have any clothes on. That was not at all necessary. Naked in the sense that i was so unprotected, vulnerable, so humble, my whole self lay open in front of Her that wearing clothes did not matter much any more.

And yes, She also exposed me to the public. Like the guy on the right is exposed to the observer of the painting. She showed my slavish status to the world, well at least to the other guests of that restaurant. She had carefully chosen a table next to some girls who had the fun and privilege of being the audience to my upcoming humiliation, to my exposure. Nice girls, in their early twenties maybe. Typical Romanian style that had become so alluring to me. Long hair, strong make up, imaginatively varnished fingernails, tight jeans, striking high heels. The typical laughing and giggling that you´d find everywhere in the world at a nice girls table.

my Mistress had equipped me with the electro shock cock ring that She so very much loves. This had originally been a dog collar used for training an inobedient dog. She had altered that somewhat to now tightly embrace a medium sized, somewhat conic, male cock. The shock unit around my cock was controlled by a small remote control, somewhat like a remote garage opener. The only difference however being hat Her device was by far more impressive in its impact.

The remote control allows electro shocks in a range from 1 to 99. As She does not like to be things with Her slaves to be too complicated, She just uses two positions: 10 and 99. 10 is quite ok, it feels like a little twitch in the tip of the cock. 99 is hell. It feels as if your prick was connected to a socket outlet with no chance to unplug it again. Hellfire brought to earth.  Emblazed by Her with just a little turn of Her thumb. And only She can turn the fire off again. When She feels like it. And putting the agony on and off is as easy as taking candy from a baby for Her. She loves and does so as long at the battery lasts. Which is long. She always puts new batteries in before we go out, just to make sure that Her fun will not be spoiled by an outage. Needless to say that 99 was Her favorite choice this evening. And She rather turned the hellfire in my cock on than off. Looking at me so purportedly caring, sugar sweet and smiling every time She pushed the button. And i drowned in Her deep eyes, like the shipwrecked drowns in the endless sea …

This is mainly how She undressed my soul in that restaurant. Every time the waiter showed up to ask or bring something She turned on Her toy from hell. i quivered and winced, i was shaken, i gasped, no chance to keep my body under control. This did of course not remain unnoticed by  the other guests. In fact we caused some attention. More or less as you can see on the picture, the waiter has been a bit younger though and less archetypic, to be honest.

Especially the girls on the neighboring table very soon noticed what was going on. They realized that there seemed to be some connection between the nervous attacks of the weird fellow opposite to the beautiful lady and the little black box in Her hand. At first they might have thought that i was Her epileptic brother whom She had taken generously out to his monthly excursion from the nursing home. But then the boldest of the girls soon took a heart and asked Her what She had there in Her hand. And Ms. Ezada was happy to explain. Well not only to explain but also to show and demonstrate, the young girls were fascinated and i really lost it. i did not believe my eyes when She with a rapt smile handed the device over to the girls to let them try from their table. The girls loved it, especially the one who had asked Ms. Ezada in the first place. i saw her arousal, her cheeks flushing with excitement, the movement of her firm young breasts under the tight shirt every time it was her turn. Ms. Ezada left her Her telephone number when W/we later left telling her to call my Mistress again.

i think i consumed more electricity than a street lantern this evening. And i could not do anything about it. i was completely at Her mercy. So this is about the nudity in the picture.

But, and this is about the shining sparks between O/our hands: Doing so, She not only tortured Me, my Mistress not only exposed me to the curious girls making there first cautious steps into a Femdom life. In fact W/we exchanged something. Something that is so special, so unique, so rare that i do not have the right words to really describe it. You may call it power, pure energy, abandonment, reign, dedication, passion, devotion, submission. Maybe even love. A massive flow of energy going back and forth between us.

And then, the last thing. Most important of all maybe. Ms. Ezada is not looking at me, She is not looking at any of Her other naked slaves around, not looking at anybody in the restaurant at all: In fact She is looking at you.”