Femdom Summer Camp SOLD OUT

I am happy to announce that this years Femdom Summer Camp is completely sold out. I will share a week of sun and fun and Female supremacy together with the beautiful Mistresses Eleise de Lacy, Lilse von Hitte, Evilyne and a bunch of male slaves.

Oh, I am already so much looking forward to this. Because it will be totally different from any conventional SM event. Because it will be a full week dedicated only to Our own Female fun and to nothing else. This will not be an extended Multi-Pro-Domme-Session for the entertainment of some well-off male clients topping from the bottom. Definetely not at all.

With each of us sisters already being stunning on her own, teaming up We will be devastating. Taking turns in coming up with ideas for kinky enjoyment, attempting to exceed one another in a sisterly competition of twisty mistressship. Having enough time and privacy to really indulge in this superior lifestyle.

Thousands of kinky ideas already bubbling along in My fanciful mind … Imaging the dull look on the slaves faces during early morning roll call inspection. Told that they all will spend the whole sunny day in their rooms in the dark. Tied to their beds. Naked. Hungry and thirsty. While the Mistresses will spend a beautiful day sunbathing at the beach. My sisters and Me so excited and full of anticipation over the day to find the pale asses of the slaves in the evening waiting for Our crops and whips… Ready for the nightly entertainment program. A perfect opportunity to baptize My new handcrafted crop, presented to Me as a gift by one of My slaves especially for the occasion.

So, for all of you who are not that lucky and canĀ“t be there this year: Sorry for you. But never mind, stay tuned from some exciting footage waiting to be shot in Portugal. I am always open for people expressing a real interest in Female Supremacy and in taking part next year. And should you want to contribute a nice idea for our entertainment, go ahead and let Me know. The program of the Portugal slave olympics might still be completed with some interesting events proposed by the audience around the world. Contact Me on info@mistressezada.com.