Picture of the week 44 2016 – Breathing is a privilege for slaves

Today Our slave will learn that breathing is not a right for him, but a privilege We allow. Securely wrapped in plastic to the bondage chair, he is totally at Our whim and mercy. Domina Snow and I decide when he is allowed to take fresh air into his lungs, as well as when it’s time for him to smother and suffer.


We are in total control over his life as the slave wrestles against his inescapable bounds, begging muffled to draw in a breath. he struggles against Our latex gloved hands as We close off his mouth and nose along with any hope he has of controlling his own destiny. We own the air he breathes, so he should learn to thank Us for the privilege of inhaling, or We might just stop granting it to him.

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Breathing is a privilege for slaves


Ezada Sinn Alexandra Snow leather tease and denial smothering