Picture of the week 29 2016 – Man to dog transformation

This new slave has been in My service for 8 months now. But he’s not really useful for Me, not as a man. he’s neither bright, nor handsome, and has a small dicklet. So I don’t need him as a man, that’s why I am going to turn him into a dog, a bitch, to be more specific.

Goddess Ezada Sinn dog play Germany

I have a specially designed latex outfit for him to wear that will force him to have his arms and legs bent to 180° all the time, keeping him in a correct position for a pet at the level of My boots. A nice bouncy tail and a dog mask will complete his transformation, and from now on he can only walk on all fours (in heel position, of course), bark and hump My leg. Good puppy!


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Puppy play Ezada Sinn special latex dog suit