“A fantastical account” by jeff

When the letters of the English alphabet come together in the most beautiful arrangement, they yield the word ‘Ezada’ which is the name of Goddess Ezada Sinn, the Almighty. She is the lone Creator, Preserver and Destroyer of the entire cosmos and everything in it.

Just as for Her chattels(slaves), She  controls the motion of all stars and planets by the mere gesture of Her hands. It is She Who uses Her whip and makes the winds blow.

Just like all Her other worshippers, She created me with the dust of Her feet.  i prostrate before Her for She gave me this life to witness and worship Her divinity.

Like the tiny drops of water in rivers and lakes ultimately flows back to the ocean, where it belongs, i too want to lead a life of constant service and prayers so that some day, with Her grace i return to the place where i belong, under the most sacred feet of my Deity, my Zeita.

Written by jeff