The concept of ideal Femdom relationship

Mistress Ezada Sinn in Latex

People often ask Me about My ideal of slavery. Good question. Well I have a clear understanding about that ideal. But I must admit that, as practically all ideals in life, I have not achieved that yet. Or rather My slaves have not achieved that ideal yet. Some are on the difficult but rewarding route towards that ideal but no one has the goal in sight so far.

For me SM is about control in the first place. The control that I have about the slave. The control that I have over life. So My ultimate  goal in a Femdom relationship is ultimate control.

Obviously that starts with control over sexuality. If you control his cock, you control the whole guy. Keep him in chastity, period. That is not a secret, but a very well established tool for every serious domme in the whole wide world. So I think I do not have to elaborate on that here any more.

Secondly control over the slaves body. In that ideal setting I am thinking about, his body will seriously be Mine. I will use and misuse it whenever and however I like. It will be marked indelibly as mine. I keep a branding iron with My initials for that purpose. The moment when that red hot steel burns My name and sign into his willing flesh and he screams with pain is actually the moment when he really becomes Mine. Nobody can remove that sign any more. It will stay there until his death. In his flesh and also in his mind. Branded as cattle. It is such a strong symbol of being owned.

But control over his body is more than just marking him. It will be the control over his all his movements and whereabouts. I will decide where he is and what he does. Always. I have a little room in the basement of My house where he will stay when he is not with Me or at My service. Bound most of the time. Tied and shackled to the wall. Why that? Not to punish him, but to make him really feel, to make him learn and understand deep down in his soul that I am the one who controls his motions. And also to make Me enjoy this assurance. Always and forever.

Of course I will see that he keeps healthy and in shape. Such a slave approaching the ideal of slavery would be precious, much too percious to loose, so I sure will look after him. See that he has his regular work-outs. I certainly would have numerous ideas for that. He will have a stationary excercising bike in his little dungeon. There will be a generator fixed to it to produce some electric energy. And when I will be visiting him down there in the basement, he will produce the power to light My floorlamp under which I will sit to read the newspaper. Patiently waiting until he will be so wiped out on his bike that he won´t be able to keep the tension high enough for My little shining light. And then it will be about time to relentlessly punish him for that shortfall. So whenever I will show up for a training session, he will know how that will end and the only thing he can do is to delay the whipping as long as possible until his burning muscles finally will give in. And I will be sitting there under this lamp, shining so bright in the beginning. I will  peacefully indulge in My reading pleasure for hours and when the light will finally begin to dim and flicker I will grab my whip and I will shiver with anticipation.

Then, most importantly and most diffcult, there will be control over his mind. Always and forever. In that ideal scenario there will be nothing else in the head of the slave but Me.

Rather easy to accomplish when W/we are together. I mean, which man could be able not to concentrate on Me when in My presence? The degree of obviousness in submissive behaviour is of course subject to the SM tolerance of the respective environment. When being to a private party he will be kept on a leash, on all fours, naked probably, at least his ass and cock. When shopping in a country as liberal as the Netherlands for example, he will still wear leash and collar. Being to a restaurant he will kneel beneath me. When being in a less permissive environment he will always stand half a step behind me, looking down at my feet. As long as expressly ordered otherwise his  looks will always concentrate on My feet and he will always remain as close to those as possible. The perpetual look at My shoes and feet will steadily remind him of where he belongs: Under those. He will painfully have to learn, that looking into My face will be a privilege that will only be granted if really earned.

Occupying his mind when he is not in My presence might be the most challenging task to accomplish. Avoidance of distraction sure is a good tool. So in his room there will be virtually nothing to distract him from Me, nothing else than a bed, stool, table and an altar for My worship. The light switch for the room will be on the outside, in My part of the world not in his. So it will be Me who will light and also darken his world. In a spiritual sense and in very factual one.

To keep his mind from wandering around independently I will lead his thoughts the way. The idle brain is the devils workshop they say. So his mind will never be idle. It is not so important what will occupy his mind, what is important though is that he learns and then slowly accepts and then finally loves that I am in control of his mind. His mind will be occupied with what I have induced. When alone is his dungeon he will learn Romanian vocabulary for example and he will do his very best to remember all those words precisely because My single tail will sure as hell very attentively accompany the learning process.

It is though not even important whether or not this steady occupation of his mind does make sense according to vanilla standards. Quite to the contrary, it might even be worthwile to keep him busy with tasks that are absolutely meaningless and tedious. The more ludicrious and insignifcant his occupation, the better he will understand and really take in that the relevance is not about the meaning of the task, it is about My control. I might for example leave My all grains and fruits morning muesli with him at bedtime, telling him that I want to have that properly assorted for breakfast.  That I want to have put all the raisins in one bowl, the almonds in one, the hazelnuts in one, the milo flakes in one, the oat flakes in one, the wheat flakes in one … And that I want to have the exact figures of the content of each bowl upon My return. And when I then unlock the door of his cell again in the morning he will have hardly finished and I will pour it all together again. And we will then have muesli for breakfast together, Mine with milk from a bowl of white china and his from a metal dog bowl at My feet soaked with My fresh morning urine.

Weird? Scary? As I have said: It is difficult to accomplish something really ideal in life.