A fun piece of furniture (part 1) by poodle

i hang in the bonds attaching me to the wall at The House of Sinn, my ass is on fire from the whipping Stapana has just given out. i hear the sound of Her heels as She walks around to take my chin and make my eyes meet Hers. “Now I have had My fun, it’s time to get you ready for Lady Yna to visit Me.” Of course, i have no idea what Stapana has planned, but i will soon find out…… “Bring the kneeling stocks”…..

The stocks are placed in front of the couch. “you are going to be transformed into our coffee table”. A leather hood is pulled over my head, it has attachments for a gag and a blindfold, so i realise very soon i will be blind and mute….. “Get in position” Stapana orders. i kneel in the stocks and it seems to take only a few moments for me to be completely secured in the inescapable bondage. “A table can’t see or speak, so let’s fix that now” Stapana states matter-of-factly. The blindfold is quickly clicked into place and everything goes dark. “Open”, i open my mouth and a penis gag is pushed into my mouth and clicked into place in the hood. It feels huge at first, but as i adjust i realise it is not so big and i can cope. “you can’t see what is happening now, but you will feel it soon enough. you are going to be our table, but I will not make this easy for you. you better not spill our drinks, or you will be severely punished.” This statement from Stapana both confuses and scares me, i have no idea what She means.

i hear something moving, it sounds like something being wheeled across the room. It dawns on me just before i feel something at my ass. Stapana has moved the fucking machine behind my exposed and vulnerable ass. i twitch involuntarily as i realise my fate, Stapana laughs “I see you have figured it out. Yes, you will be fucked by the machine while being our table. Remember, no spilling”. Stapana adjusts the machine so the cock is behind my hole, i can feel Her close to my head. “Now it’s time to be fucked, this will be so much fun.” Moments later i feel the cock begin to move, it is not fast, but regular, rhythmic……….and DEEP. i sense Stapana near my ear again “Oh, and I put the largest cock on the machine, this will be a DEEP fucking for you, my table”…..

I hear Stapana’s heels as She walks around me, but the cock pounding my ass is my world at the moment. i am completely immobilised and gagged, unable to avoid or complain about the huge invader at my ass. i hear Stapana sit down and then She rests Her feet on my back, occasional laughter, it amuses Her to see a male so objectified, nothing more than a table and fuck toy.

There is a knock at the door, my instinct is to answer the door but, of course, this is impossible. “I guess I better answer that” Stapana says with a chuckle. i hear Stapana open the door and invite Lady Yna in, then laughter from Lady Yna as She sees my plight. “You like my new coffee table?” Stapana asks Lady Yna, “Oh yes, it looks like a fun piece of furniture”. i am ignored and left to my plight while Stapana prepares Their drinks, at that point the only thing that exists in my world is the cock pounding my ass. i am brought back to focus by the sound of Their footsteps, i hear The Goddesses sit down and then feel Their coffee cups on my back. i concentrate on one thing and one thing alone, staying perfectly still, not an easy thing with a cock pounding one’s ass. “It has been warned of the consequences of ANY spillage” Stapana states. For the next several minutes (it is impossible to keep track of time when one is in such a predicament), i am totally ignored, just an object for resting Their cups on and amusing Them with my ass abuse.

i am brought back to focus again when i realise They have finished Their coffee and Stapana offers Lady Yna a cigarette. “The table comes handily equipped with an ashtray too” Stapana comments to Lady Yna. i feel the cock gag being removed from my mouth, “remember, tables don’t talk” warns Stapana. i know what is going to happen now and i brace myself for it, i will be serving as Their ashtray while still being pounded for Their amusement. “Open” comes the order from Lady Yna, i dutifully open my mouth and the ash is flicked on to my tongue, i gag and am thankful there are no drinks on me, there is no chance i would have been able to avoid spilling. The enjoy Their cigarettes, laughing at my gagging every time they use my mouth until They have finished Their cigarette. Now comes the most difficult part, putting out the cigarette butts. i try to mentally prepare myself, but it is even more difficult when both Stapana and Lady Yna decide to do it at the same time. my tongue burns, and the taste is awful, i feel like i will throw up but just about manage to compose myself. “Hold them in your mouth” comes the order from Stapana. I’m sure my face must be turning green as i feel so nauseous. “Chew” Stapana instructs. i begin to chew and my stomach is churning, i have no idea how i managed to hold back from being sick. “Swallow”, i do as Stapana order, the horrible taste not going anywhere.

i hear mirth in Lady Yna’s voice as She comments “i bet it would love to get the taste of ash from its mouth”. “Oh, I’m sure and I have just the thing” replies Stapana. i hear Stapana walk away and return, the next thing i know is the fucking machine is switched off. “I’m sure a taste of ass will get rid of the taste of ash” Stapana says with a laugh, “but we can’t leave his ass empty” as She thrusts a huge plug up my ass with no preparation.  i hear the machine being moved, the gag is removed from my mouth and i know what is coming next. “Open” comes the command, amongst much laughter, and i dutifully open my mouth to find the cock which has just left my ass position before my mouth. It is too long to fit all of it in my mouth, but enough fits in to keep me quiet and let me taste my ass. At this point, i am extremely glad that Stapana has trained me to keep my ass clean and ready for Her to abuse. Sitting back down, They rest Their feet upon my back as They go back to Their conversation interspersed with frequent laughter at my situation. 

i have no idea how long it has been, but a comment from Lady Yna catches my ear, “I think its ass is getting jealous of its mouth”. i’m not sure what She means, but i’m sure i find out soon enough and i’m not so sure i’m in a rush… “I have just the thing, I’ll back in a few moments” Lady Yna tells Stapana. The door opens and closes, despite the cock moving in and out of my mouth, my mind wonders what Lady Yna has gone to get. A few moments later there is a knock at the door and i hear Stapana’s laugh as She sees what Lady Yna has. “Oh this will be fun” comments Stapana. The machine is switched off and cock removed from my mouth, next the plug is pulled from my ass. It seems strange to be empty again. i hear Them discussing how to set up whatever They have planned, deciding which one will be for the front and which for the rear……. i don’t have to wait too long to find out as i feel a cock against each of my holes. i sense Stapana at my ear “this will be a lot of fun, My table”. With that comment i feel the cocks begin to move as the fucking machines start to work both my holes. Stapana and Lady Yna re in fits of laughter as They enjoy watching me being machined fucked at both ends.

While i am a bit pre-occupied, Stapana and Lady Yna continue chatting like have a human table being fucked in both its holes is an everyday occurrence. They decide to go out for dinner, i get my hopes up that this will mean the end of my ordeal, but my hopes are soon dashed. i sense Stapana at my ear again, “When we return, we’ll be in the mood for abusing your holes. These machines should have you nicely warmed up by then”. i hear Them laughing as They walk out of the door leaving me to get pounded in both holes for who knows how long…..