Femdom vs. Findom

coco with Her dogIsnĀ“t that just a beautiful picture? Lovely Nicole “Coco” Austin, model and actress, of Serbian origin, now married to the Rap Star Ice T, shopping in Miami.

I came across this photoshopped picture on one of the blogs I follow and it spoke to Me. Coco looks just perfect here, the beautiful physique, perfectly matching lipstick and nail polish, the self confident somewhat patronizing look on her face, the sunglasses providing for the appropriate distance to the admiring spectators. I really love how she has raised her right leg, presenting her beautiful feet and killer heels for worship. Shoes that are both footwear and weapon at the same time. A living Goddess.

So no wonder that she leads a human dog on her leash. All My submissive followers, can you imagine how wonderful it must be to be at the lower end of that leash? Walking into the most expensive and elegant stores on all fours. Blindfolded and totally wrapped in rubber. Helpless. Unable to see where he is led, who is staring at him. Bound and conducted by his Mistress. Nothing but a dog on a leash, totally under her control and dependant on her grace. Her animal, her property. And yet still a human soul deep within this dog cover, a slave who will have to pick up the bill for all the treasures she will fall in love with on her way.

By the way, should you wonder whether it is possible to walk a slave on his elbows and knees as we see on this photo: It very well is. It just takes the right dress for the slave, careful tying and just a little bit of caution in order not to ruin his joints too quickly.

People often ask Me whether there is a difference between femdom and findom. Well there sure is one, even if it might look very similar from the outside. Findom can be a very exciting thing, however it is just not My style. I think the main difference is that in findom the relationship centers around sacrificing your money to Her, this act of giving for no return becomes predominant. Whereas in femdom, at least how I understand it, there is no “mine” for the slave any more. I own him, so I of course also own all his personal belongings at the same time. As he is mine, how can he have something that is then not mine as well. In short words: Findom is about receiving, femdom is about owning.

I will give an example: A slave of mine just recently gave Me his credit card details so I can use them whenever and for whatever I like. Doing so he expressed submission, trust, transfer of control from him to Me. Sending me whatever amount of money every week would have been findom, giving me the credit card itself is femdom. Do you see the difference? By doing this the slave said: What is mine shall be Yours and You shall do with it how You please Mistress. This is what slavery is all about.


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