Picture of the week 45 2016 – Cow milking time

My poor hubby is in such a difficult situation: he’s been in a very uncomfortable bondage position all night and I am not releasing him just yet. I know he’s tired, hungry and thirsty, but I don’t care, I’m still going have some fun at his expense. I love the vulnerable angle he’s shackled in: I can beat him, I can fuck him, and I can use him in any way I want. So let’s see whether he’s still a real man and can cum, after being bent over like a broken twig for all those hours. To force all the cum out of My balls, there’s no better way to start than a crop whipping. The poor hubby hates pain, but who cares? What I want is to drain his balls, and he can amuse Me in the process. I wonder which pet he will be for Me today: a cow, a puppy, a pig? I guess a cow that is getting milked. With a little lube and a few sensual strokes, hubby is soon mooing like a heifer in heat. My little cow, eventually, cums on My command. Oh too bad I just had to ruin his orgasm, letting all his “milk” spill out and trickle down onto the dungeon floor…


This clip shows a part of a private play and was filmed with the camera on a tripod.

#1 clip in category “ORGASM CONTROL”


Cow milking time