Picture of the week 50 2018: Massive ruined orgasm in new metal cockrings

I have just purchased two stainless steel cock rings for hubby: a large one that goes around the cock and balls and a smaller one that encircles the head of the cock, My cock. With new toys, I like to make him wear them for at least 24 hours, to see the effect they have on My property. Today just happens to be his weekly milking day, so I’m excited about seeing how well he can perform for Me with these toys. The small ring is painfully tight, causing him to almost lose his erection, while the large ring at the base turned My cock and balls a vibrant shade of blue. I can’t wait to sensually caress My property, to see how large a load of cum I can extract. Best of all, I will do so in any way that pleases Me, not him.


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