All about collars (from a Femdom perspective)

By now, pet collars have become a common accessories for men and women. Nothing scandalous about them – a fashion statement more than anything else. But in the context of a female led relationship they are of much greater significance. To a dominat Woman, the collar of Her chattel is a symbol of submission and yet another assertion of Her power over him. To the submissive, the collar is a constant reminder of being in training or of being owned, a wedding ring of sorts.

But not all collars are created equal.

Training collars
Usually bought at the local pet shop. Could be plain and simple, could feature some gems and/or studs for the more feminine submissives, or a tag with the dominant female’s name on. Just in case that silly human pet gets lost!

“Owned” collars
These collars remind the chattel that he is owned. Those could range from custom made titanium ones (like hubby’s), a discreet necklace (that could also be locked), a bracelet even.

Permanent collars
Though amazing in theory, in practice these would be dangerous in case they need to be removed fast. I would not personally choose them although I can relate to the fantasy behind them.

A leash and a collar
Adding a leash to the collar instantly transforms the submissive male to a human pet. He is thus relegated to an inferior position and not equal to his Owner in any way.

Remember – when a collar has a ring on it, it means submission. Removing the ring transforms it into an accessories, a fashion statement.

Leather of metal?
Leather collars look cool but in time they get worn out. Large leather collars with spikes on could also be dangerous during play and because of that should be used only for the look of them, not during play.

I consider metal collars the best when it comes to both play and everyday use.

Watch the video below to learn more about collars in female led relationships and gaze upon My magnificent collection!