Position Manual for submissive males – Position 7: Heel

The name of this position might be a bit misleading but I like it anyway. Very much I do. I chose that name because “Heel!” is the most popular command for every dog and with this command the slave shall come as close to being a dog as at all possible. So it is the most “doggish” of all commands in the manual. This is why it is for sure one of My favorites.

“Heel!” is a general “multi purpose” position, basically to call him to the spot. The slave will get on all fours beside his Mistress, to Her left. his head will be close to her left thigh but in any case not touch it! Once she moves, he follows her on all fours, same pace, remaining with his head next to her left knee, closely watching her feet as she walks. The slave will of course make sure, that his head is a bit behind and never in front of her. he shall never make the impression to lead but always to be led.


7 heel position Mistress 7 heel position slave


The gesture for Heel! is one that every dog owner knows and will use instinctively. The Mistress twice claps her hand against the outside of her right thigh. So she demonstrates, where she wants the slaves head to be. I know that the command calls him to her legs and not really to her heels. Heel! just sounds so nice to my ears. I love it, when they are like dogs…


GIF heel 7 heel position details