Giantess Mistress Ezada by staker65

Fanart “Giantess Mistress Ezada” by staker65

She is a divine goddess, while the buildings are the counterparts of her male-victims. They are insignificant besides Giantess Ezada, their mighty mistress.

She is a femme fatale to them, making them smoke, burn, reel, explode, collapse, all types of decay. Smoking and fire of her victims show their excitement, by her mere presence, her threat, caresses or by tap of her foot. Reeling and structural damage are the signs that she breaks them, their ego is wounded and they are enslaved to her.

This kind of damage usually combined with fire: breaking and enslavement are often exciting to her male victims. This leads to ruin: explosion is their ejaculation, which is always ruined by Mistress Ezada; and when a building explodes under her foot, it is a major structural damage.

Finally, collapse is the end of the victim: fully destroyed ego, death, perhaps suicide, and if still alive, cannot think anything else than her executrix. Mistress Ezada rarely destroys them directly to utter collapse; if only she feels resistance and she must demonstrate her power.

Usually she kindles them, sets them to fire by evil exciting, malicious but sexy acts, then leave them behind agonizing helplessly. She leaves a trail of destruction behind her; damaged, burning building-males show her course.

Model: Goddess Ezada fromĀ

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