Week 38 2016 – Filthy pig feeding in the toilet

Gagged and hogtied, naked on the cold bathroom floor, the slave is happy to hear My and Lady Yna’s approaching footsteps. After a hard whipping, this is the second part of his punishment for not appreciating enough everything We do to him and give him, so maybe the time he spends in the bathroom will make him see things in a broader perspective. Now We have come to feed him Our leftovers, just because I hate throwing food away, and this could be a good way to teach this slave to appreciate what he’s getting. Because even though he will get to eat it from the the floor and from the toilet bowl – it is still more than this ungrateful piece of shit deserves, and We might just as well have not come to feed him. But We will teach him to show Us respect as he grovels at Our boots and uses his tongue and lips to slurp clean the white tiles and ivory toilet bowl in My bathroom before We dunk his head into the bowl and flush.

By far one of My favorite humiliation scenes I have ever done.


Filthy pig feeding in the toilet