Picture of the week 35 2013 – Machine milking

For a recent filming session I used a very well equipped dungeon, that also had a male milking machine. Since My personal slave, who was the cameraman, has never experienced a machine milking, I decided to use it on him, forcing an orgasm out of him. A real one this time, after more than a year of ruined orgasms only. And I know he is so proud of it, that although he dreams of a real orgasm, he doesn’t really want one yet, he wants to have an “abstinence” as long as possible before having it. So I gave a small break to the other slave and took My personal slave by surprise, stretching him on the rack and putting the pump on his dick. I turned the machine on, increasing the intensity, and at the same time teasing him with My body, sitting on his face, telling him how I am going to dry his balls. After a while he couldn’t hold in any more and came, filling the condom with cum, having a real, powerful, yet forced orgasm. He must learn that, even though I was the one who chose to allow him only ruined orgasms, it’s also Me who decides when he gets a real one. In the end, I empty his condom in his mouth and leave him there, frustrated yet somehow still savoring his orgasm.

Mistress Ezada machine milking Her slave.mp4_snapshot_13.34_[2013.08.31_16.18.01]

Mistress Ezada machine milking Her slave.mp4_snapshot_06.02_[2013.08.31_16.19.04]

Mistress Ezada machine milking Her slave.mp4_snapshot_16.50_[2013.08.31_16.19.45]

Mistress Ezada machine milking Her slave.mp4_snapshot_16.55_[2013.08.31_16.19.56]

These are stills from My latest clip on C4S