The collaring of Roger (part 1)

It was when I first went up to the executive floor to do some photocopying that I first saw Her. How could you miss Her, she turned  every mans head when she walked down the corridor. Her natural beauty and air of superiority was exhilarating. She had jet black  hair swept back in a pony tail, which showed her beautiful face but also added a slight severity. A new Italian executive I thought, my cock lurched in my trousers just looking at her.
I continued into the photocopying room and started to copy my pages when I suddenly felt another presence in the doorway and a pleasant smell of perfume. I turned to see the vision from earlier, She now had a bundle of papers in one hand the other on Her hip, she looked even more stunning close up. My eyes automatically travelled to her feet, that were encased in a pair of black patent  stilettos, I longed to drop to my knees and run my tongue over every inch of them, but had to stop myself as I remembered where I was. A small smile passed over her lips as She noticed my interest in her beautiful feet. A weakness noticed and stored away for later use.
” How do you use this damn machine, can you show me?” She said, a beautiful foreign accent making my cock lurch again in my pants, I started to sweat. “Here you do it for me”, this wasn’t a question but an order, this was a lady used to getting Her own way. I started to say ..”maybe in Italy…” Before She interrupted me haughtily, ” I am not Italian you fool, I am Romanian! The home of Dracula, I am actually from  Transylvania, now copy those quick”. As she turned to go I noticed a ring on her finger, it bore the letters OWK, I blurted out ” oh the OWK” and immediately regretted it. She stopped on the doorway a serious look on Her face. She closed the door. “And what do you know of it, do you know what OWK stands for, and do you know what  happened there?”. …”yes the other world  kingdom, where dominant women went with their slaves”…. ” so you do know” She said, a smile spreading across her face, an evil glint in her eye. She simply pointed at the floor with one finger and pushed me down with her other hand. I dropped to my knees. ” good I have found you, no need now for me to tour the fetish clubs in search if a new slave, you will do for now”… She put her hand under my chin and raised my face towards hers, I was still kneeling so my head was below hers “what is your name boy?” ..,”Roger I stammered, looking away”..,” do not avert your eyes until I order it Roger, or Slave r as you are now known, now assume the slave position and worship my feet. Run your worthless tongue over my boots, I want every inch licked clean, quick slave get that tongue working.” She yanked my tie and forced meto the floor. I couldn’t believe what was happening, this stunning dominant lady was forcing me to lick her boots clean, anyone could come in at any minute. …” I can’t do much to you here, you will text me next Thursday and I will tell you where to come for your proper initiation. Do you understand?”…,, yes Goddess  I stammered still in shock…”you will address me as Doamna until you are collared properly and have proved your worth and loyalty. Is that understood?….  “Yes Mistress” I said, she slapped me hard across the face”Doamna I said, until I decide otherwise”yes Doamna” i said head lowered in pain…” Good you are  learning , now tidy  yourself up, but you must kiss my ass to prove your devotion to me, you will do this every morning and every evening from now on! to remind yourself of my superiority over you my minion, and your slave cock now belongs to me, no more wanking, you will only cum when I allow it and command it, this excites me and is integral to our relationship” is this understood slave?” …, “yes Doamna  I stammered again”…, ” good boy, she handed me her card, “text me on Thursday and on Friday evening your real training will begin, you will cross the threshold into my realm and find the path to true femdom enlightenment, your painful journey is only beginning”. And she was gone, I  knelt and pondered my fate, frightened but excited, wondering what she had in mind for me, her new slave and  property.
story by devotee r
Collaring a slave Ezada Sinn Domina patent leather stiletto shoes