Picture of the week 28 – Pleasure by My hand only

On the third day of sit‘s visit (before allowing him his first release after 436 days of chastity) I am allowing him to enter a special and sacred room in My home: the bedroom. My poor slave has been chaste far longer than any of My slaves before, 436 days without a release. His pathetic balls are so brilliantly blue in color, so full of cum, and here I tower over this puny creature in 9″ heels, wearing a see-through catsuit and black patent leather corset. his tiny dicklet is so aroused, so hard, yet I am going to teach it and sit a lesson. This cock and balls belong to Me and Me alone. For the rest of his life, sit shall only be allowed pleasure and release when controlled by his Goddess’s hand. I love to hear him beg, whine, and plead in vain. his cock is so sensitive that any touch causes him to squirm and writhe about in desire and in pain. The ultimate game of Tease and Denial, pure pleasure for Me, pure torture for sit.

Ezada Sinn teasing sit

you can buy the clip here: Pleasure by My hand only

GIF sit's visit day 3 - tease & denial

tease and denial sit 1

tease and denial sit 2