A walk in the park by ES795414c

Story based on real facts written by ES795414c


Being an owned and collared slave of Goddess Ezada Sinn is never easy. She is extremely demanding, as of course is Her absolute right as my Owner, and Her demands can change at any moment according to Her whim. Nevertheless, She has laid down some standard rules of protocol regulating the daily interactions between Herself and Her male slaves, by which they can to some extent hope to please Her with their obedience. These rules are strictly enforced and infractions always punished as part of Her methodology of re-programming the slave’s mind to total deference and submission to Her.

Yet sometimes, when Her mood is good or when a particular slave has pleased Her with his obedience or service, She can be very gentle and kind, which can deceive a slave into imagining that he has a higher status in Her life than just that of an object.

So it was yesterday when She decided that W/we would take advantage of the very pleasant winter weather to take a walk in a nearby park. She linked Her arm in mine and we walked together slowly along the side of a lake, mingling among the other couples and families who were also out for a stroll. i must admit that i was so proud to be walking in public with this divinely beautiful Woman on my arm, looking a million dollars in Her fur coat and leather boots, and proud to see how She so easily caught the eye of other men. In these circumstances, although i can never forget that i am Her slave — the weight of my steel collar and my chastity device are enough to ensure that is not possible — it was easy for me to overlook some of the smaller matters of slave/Mistress protocol as i walked proudly at Her side.

At one point i forgot, as W/we descended a short flight of stairs, to crouch deferentially in accordance with slave protocol such that my head was always below Hers. Of course, She instantly notices these offences and in the past would have turned sharply to me, fixed me with Her intimidating eyes, and said “20 whiplashes”, or whatever Her whim in that moment deemed an appropriate punishment.

However, on Her orders, i have recently acquired a remote shock collar, which She, before we left the apartment, had locked around my balls behind my chastity device. This was to be its first field trial.  She had been in such a kind and relaxed mood as we walked together, chatting easily about whatever everyday topic came to Her head, that i had forgotten that i was still wearing this device. Still less had i been aware that as W/we walked together the remote control for the shock collar was in Her pocket, ready for use at every moment. As we descended the stairs the jolt to my balls was immediate and very intense. i bent double in shock as the searing pain passed through me. i knew immediately what offence i had committed and muttered humbly an apology for my forgetfulness. She smiled knowingly down at me and caught me with Her now angry eyes. “50 whiplashes, slave. I expect much better from You”.

i bowed my head deferentially in humble acceptance of the inevitable later punishment : “Yes, my Goddess. Thank You, my Goddess”.

O/our walk continued, now with me in a chastened state, careful to avoid a second breach of Mistress/slave protocol, my eyes constantly flickering nervously to Her right hand whenever it moved towards Her coat pocket.

Her mood was also now changed, and She amused Herself with delivering mild shocks to Her property at random moments, reminding me of my place. The automatic reaction from me each time was to thank Her and to recite the Mantra, in the hope of pleasing Her again with my submission.

As W/we walked over a small bridge, the path ahead of U/us opened up into a long straight formal garden area, over which the bridge gave a commanding view.

Goddess Ezada stopped walking, and i turned to Her to understand why, only to see in Her eyes and face the sort of expression which in more private circumstances would have brought me instantly to my knees before Her. “My slave, you say this device has a range of 1 kilometer? I will test it here.”

She ordered me to walk ahead along the formal pathway, bordered by ornamental brick columns, to the furthest column and then return briskly to Her prominent position on the bridge. Since i would be walking amongst the many other couples and groups of people enjoying the afternoon sun, in order to see me and to know that the device was working, She ordered me to raise my right hand high whenever i felt a shock. “Go!”, She commanded, and off i walked, bracing myself for the shocks that i knew would come, praying silently to Her to keep them only at the low intensity needed to test the range of the collar. i reasoned that if i walked quickly, there would be time for fewer shocks. But it is never advisable for a slave of Goddess Ezada Sinn to try to second-guess Her in his own interest. For a hundred or so meters no shocks came. Then, just as i reached a large group of strollers walking in the opposite direction, came the first searing flash of pain, at almost maximum intensity. i almost fell from the power of the shock, but managed to raise my right arm to signal to Her. i turned my head to look back to Her, and even at that distance could clearly see Her laughing with satisfaction at the power She had over me. i walked briskly on, of course now in terror of the next shock, a fear made so much worse by the not knowing when it would come.

As i approached the next group of people walking towards me, the next burst came. This time mercifully of lower intensity, but the effect of surprise anyway provoked the same instant, obedient reaction. My arm again shot up in acknowledgement of the pain. A pattern was of course developing. It amused Goddess Ezada to humiliate me to maximum effect by zapping me at precisely the moment when i was passing other people. And so it continued. The shocks came frequently, but at maximum intensity only as i was passing other people. i have no idea what they thought. Perhaps that i had some extreme manifestation of a nervous twitch. Perhaps that i had neo-Nazi sympathies! i was deeply embarrassed and humiliated, but had no time to dwell on those feelings as the next shock would come often only seconds later.

my Owner was zapping me now so often and so powerfully for Her own amusement, far beyond what was required to prove the range of the device. Humbly, and devotedly, i began at least to take some compensating satisfaction in the fact that my pain and humiliation was bringing pleasure to Her, which ultimately is the only way in which Her slaves can hope to satisfy Her. As the shocks continued to come, i silently thanked Her each time for the pain She inflicted, and began to recite the Mantra under my breath (and several times out loud) whenever Her finger on the button delivered its next stinging stimulus.

As i approached the farthest point of the path She had ordered me to follow, the shocks started to come in more frequent, rapid-fire bursts. my hand was at times shooting up and down like a piston, with scarcely half a second between the pulses. i assumed that She was summoning me back to Her, so i quickened the pace of the return walk. But the faster i walked the more and more frequently my Goddess zapped me. She later told me that the reason She began the quick-fire multiple pulses was that i was almost out of Her sight and She could not easily see my arm moving up and down. But as i came back into Her view, the rapid raising and lowering of my arm that She could cause at the press of a button amused Her so much that She continued to do it.

She was laughing out loud as i reached the bridge again and fell exhausted at Her feet, utterly broken and humiliated.

This was a walk in the park which was not exactly a “walk in the park”.