Picture of the week 41 2015 – Crushed under My ass

GIF breath-taking chest sitting_1My slave has been left strapped to a bench, ignored, for quite a while. Every time he hears the sound of My high heels approaching him, his cock becomes harder in his chastity cage, he hopes that he will be noticed and given some attention this time. What else can he do, but wait for Me to come back and hope that I will unlock his chastity and free his growing prick. Will he be more aroused if I let him sniff My crotch? Will that make his chastity cage too small and painful for his prick? I wouldn’t mind if it will. After all, he’s so close to My “sanctum”, a holy place for all My slaves, separated from his nose only by a thin pantyhose and lace panties. Maybe I will also take his breath, by sitting with My full weight on his chest. He was hoping for attention, wasn’t he? So why is he now becoming red and breathing so heavily? Is that because he is extremely aroused to feel My big ass on his chest, pressing against it, flattening it? It seems to be difficult for him, looks like he’s going to faint soon, and I’m enjoying every bit of it. He might be crushed under My voluptuous ass, but this is what he wanted, to be noticed and used, so he must be happy to be used as a cushion for My behind, feel it so close to his body, his face, his heart. What more can he wish for?

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Mistress Ezada Sinn facesitting boots