A cigarette burn mark

“To celebrate the first year of our Domina/slave relationship, we spent a week-en break in Naples‘s bay. We arrive in a nice 5 starts hotel in Sorrento with a sea view room. I just closed the door and I hear my Goddess :

“Strip of slave, faster, faster”

I was a little bit surprised that my Mistress want to use me so quickly. But a slave has to be ready to serve, to be used and abused 24/7 for the pleasure of his owner. To be honest, the excitement begins to invade my body.When I was naked, I don’t have the time to go on “waiting position”. My Empress grabs me by my balls to go on the balcony. She holds in her other hand a pack of cigarette. We discover a wonderful view on the Vesuvio. She sat on the chair and with a snap of finger, I understood that She wanted to use me like a footstool. The temperature outside was around 12°C. Then She asked me to go up and She squeezed my balls sensually. She used my mouth as an asthray. Afterwards, the intensity increased again. She was very close to me and my head was so close to her cigarette, I could feel the taste of her cigarette on my tongue, on my body, I Could smell the scent of Her saliva. She touched my nipples, my cock, and my balls with the tip of her cigarette. I feel the pain, but the pain was insignificant in comparison of the excitement given by the proximity with my Goddess. Maybe I dreamt, but it was like a long kiss we exchange together. She blew on the cigarette and I inhale all the smoke. An absolute exchange like we made love together. To come back to the reality or to show me Her supreme and uncompromising Power, She extinct sadistically Her cigarette on my left hip. The pain was excruciating because She would leave a deep mark. The mark of Her power, the mark of the “sex” we had this special evening. Then she looked at me into my eyes without a word.

I could see the exquisite pleasure She had in the apple of Her eyes. Then she left the balcony and said : “stay here, waiting position “ My Mistress took a shower, read Her emails and I stay outside about 45minutes naked in the cold. But I don’t feel the cold at all. Not due, sorry, not owing to the burning mark I just receive on my body. But owing to the intense excitation I lived few minutes before. 18 months later, I could see each day the mark of my Goddess. I am proud of it. That’s why this time was unique and I dream at each visit of My Mistress to receive a new branding. Obviously, each burning means an indelible mark on my body, but especially memory etched in my mind for my whole life.”


Story by slave purcelus, based on real facts.


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