Picture of the week 20 2013 – Ruined for pain: Mistress Ezada making sure the pleasure is all Hers

I love ruining My slaves’ orgasms, but even more than that I love to use their post-orgasmic sensitivity to pain to make them suffer even more.
The slave is caged and waiting for Me for a while already. When he sees Me coming, dressed in black leather from tip to toe: designer high heel boots, short skirt, corset and jacket, you can see he is very excited. I want to make him feel pain and humiliation, and I want to make sure he feels no pleasure. Thus, before anything else, I will milk him. So I start rubbing his hard prick with My hands in black gloves. He is very glad, expecting to feel pleasure, but I stop right before he could cum, causing only frustration. A short moment later I get him close to orgasm again, and when he hopes to finally feel the orgasmic pleasure, I take My hand away, letting him shoots loads of cum in the air in a ruined orgasm. Now the frustration reaches new heights, the stupid schmuck was really not expecting this. But I only did this to make sure that he feels no pleasure while I abuse his nipples and humiliate him with spitting, face slapping and name calling. His nipples became so sensitive, I took off My gloves to use My long nails on them, it was a real pleasure seeing the pain and surprise in his eyes.
In the end, just to show him that I am the only one in control of his body, I rub his cock again and get another orgasm to ruin. It doesn’t matter if he wants it or not, I get what I want.

This is a still from one of My latest video on Clips4Sale in colaboration with www.Sado-Ladies.com

Mistress Ezada ruined orgasms & nipples torture.mp4_snapshot_02.17_[2013.05.13_23.54.45]