Picture of the week 25 2016 – The boots that rule their lives

Ezada Sinn Lilse boot worship female supremacy UK

Mistress Lilse and I are enjoying the lovely weather of the Norfolk countryside at the Spring FemDomme Retreat just a few days past, making use of Our slaves in the manner fitting their status as 24/7 servants.

Goddess Ezada Sinn Lilse von Hitte female supremacy boots domination outdoor

Starting with the spring mud on Our boots and adding the intense worship of their true love and adoration, their tongues move to please and clean, their lips place loving kisses on the boots that rule their lives, minds and bodies. They are even able to count the worshiping touches in Our native tongue (Romanian), amusing Us with their peculiar pronunciation. Just another day of Female Supremacy at an event that caters to every desire of the dominant Goddesses, one step closer to the world as it should be: a never ending queendom of Female Supremacy.

The boots that rule their lives

you can buy this clip here: “The boots that rule their lives