Best chastity device for professionals

If you are a Dominatrix, or you play with multiple partners, you need a chastity device that can be easily sterilized and fits different cock&balls sizes. Over the years I tried most of the chastity devices available on the market: from the very cheap ones to the most popular ones and to the expensive custom made cock cages.

Let’s take a look at the options:

Stainless steel and silicone are the safest materials as they most likely will not cause any allergic reactions and, most importantly, can be sterilized without being damaged.

As silicone cock cages often change color in time and are less secure than metal chastity cages, I definitely recommend a stainless steel chastity device.

There is a problem with metal chastity cages though – they need to fit. But BON4, one of My favorite producer of chastity devices, thought of this when they designed their BON4Mplus package. In My professional opinion, this is the best solution for chastity play for professionals and people with multiple partners. That’s because the package contains 2 different sizes of metal cock cages (a short cock cage for those with smaller dicks and a longer cock cage that can fit flaccid long dicks) and a set of 6
hinged cock and balls ring sizes to fit anyone. With this set almost anyone will find a perfect fit.

The best thing about this set is the versatility, the fact that it can be used by almost everyone, no matter how big the dick or the balls are. Also, the chastity can be easily sterilized with medical grade cleaning agents or by boiling.

The hinged cock and balls rings are a great way to avoid pinching the skin.

This set is great for short term chastity play (no more than several days in a row). Although the edges are smooth, the metal will rub on the skin quite painfully if you keep the chastity cage for longer periods of time or if you perform sports (biking or running). Also, one of My boys has a rather thick dick and he found even the long model rather narrow, but I am sure he is always aroused when I lock him, so this may contribute to his discomfort.