Today I would like to present the work of an artist who might not be the very best when it comes to his graphic and painting skills. His style is somewhat “raw”.  But his Femdom and sadistic imagery and ideas are just extraordinary: Augustine. His home is here: and his work can be found all over the place.

I want to show some examples which are so arousing for Me because they immediately sparked My phantasies… and by this I mean I was wondering and thinking where and when to realize all this. Well, with FemDom Ball and Pervs on the playa approaching… there might be some nice opportunities, and semi-voluntary male victims to nicely be used for some wicked Ezadaistic experiments. So: Make sure to stay tuned to My blog for some real life coverage to come… and for the time being, enjoy and join Me in My thoughts…

And may be the one or the other of My readers here might try to persuade Me of realizing his favorite. Little hint for My personal little lovey: There should be a decent population of honey addicted little insects over there in Costa Rica waiting for Me….

Augustine - Lesson In Control01 Mistress Ezada Sinn Augustine - Lesson In Control03 Mistress Ezada Sinn Augustine - Lesson In Control07 Mistress Ezada Sinn

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