Beware of scams

I’ve been informed too many times lately about people using My pictures and even more, My name, to create fake profiles and try to scam My fans, pretending they are Me and requesting money on Facebook, Backpage and several other websites. and are NOT My email addresses!

Don’t let them fool you!

Communicate with Me only via the contact form on My website ( or My official email addresses [*] and [*] I do not use free email adresses (like or, facebook or any other social media account except Twitter and Fetlife.

I have several others profiles on BDSM websites or social media like Tumblr but I am not really using them. If you want to contact Me, use only My website! Do not trust any information if it’s not written on My website. I write about all My travels, events that I want to attend and availability for sessions on My website. If it’s not here, it’s not real!

I know you boys think too much with your little cocks and you are ready to send large amounts of money to scammers in exchange for a meeting with Me, but try not to be fooled. Be smart!

Goddess Ezada Sinn fur scam fake profile email address sessions