Picture of the week 26 2016 – Gangbang for the biggest slut

Strap-on gang bang all stars

It’s the second day of the FemDom Retreat, and We, the Ladies, decided We want to enjoy both Our slaves and the exceptionally fine weather at the same time. When Mistresses Lilse von Hitte, Ava von Medisin, Devina and Me come out of the house, all dressed completely in latex and with Our big strap-on dildos ready for action, the slaves are waiting patiently in position, with their asses up, ready to be pounded. They are just meat for Our cocks, We just choose the ones We like and turn this whole thing into a real orgy: slaves being fucked up their asses, Mistresses enjoying it, and all this under the watchful eye of the “condom fairy”, always ready to serve a Mistress when She needs condoms, gloves or lube. Let’s see which slave will be able to better please his Mistress, which one is the biggest slut, and maybe he will get gang-banged by all of Us later.

strapon orgy femdom latex

Then it’s time for the best slut of Our outdoors strap-on orgy to receive her prize: she will have the honor of satisfying not just one cock, but all of Our cocks. We will put her on a sling and gangbang her until she just can’t get no more. Four cocks for this slut, taking turns to fuck her TS pussy deep and hard, just as she deserves it. From big to bigger, up to Mistress Ava von Medisin’s huge red strap-on that will make the slut moan in painful pleasure, while her hands and mouth are busy taking care of the other cocks. That’s what a good whore does – never leaves a cock unattended.

Strap-on gang bang Mistress Devina, Lilse von Hitte, Ava von Medisine, Ezada Sinn latex

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Outdoors strap-on orgy

GIF quad Domme outdoors strap-on orgy_1

Gangbang for the biggest slut 

GIF quad Domme outdoors strap-on gangbang