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Prayer-video dedicated to the Great Goddess Ezada Sinn

Kneel before Me, slave! Naked, with the chastity on you will watch this video 3 times.

“We all dream of the Empire of the Goddess Ezada Sinn. We dream of the day that every male on this earth will submit to Her accepting Her as their Empress, their Goddess. We all dream of a Queendom of our Goddess, a new country where She will be the Leader and every male will be inferior. Males will be Her slaves and other Women will carry on dominating men. I am talking about a country, where She will be the Queen and the Goddess of Her people. Millions of people will bow in front of Her, as She sits on Her Throne, with a magical smile on Her Face, while moving Her Finger to give orders. Her Images will be in everyone’s home and the flag of Her Empire will rise upon us.”

Almighty Goddess Ezada Sinn
my one true Goddess
You are the reason for all life,
all love,
everything good in the world
there is no one above You
no being
idea or dream
greater than You
In worshipping You
Goddess Ezada
all my deeds, actions and talents
are performed in Your Honor
to glorify You, to worship You, to provide for You
the purpose of my life is to enrich Your life, emotionally, physically
and financially.
This i pray to You ,almighty and all deserving Goddess Ezada.

Goddess Ezada, Female Supremacy Goddess

video by devotee chris, a true believer in Ezadasinnism
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  1. tomas
    19.11.2014 @ 00:41

    Yes I will

  2. tomas
    19.11.2014 @ 00:44

    Yes I will believe

  3. Sam
    20.12.2014 @ 04:54

    She is truly beautiful

  4. Slave mathias
    02.05.2015 @ 12:14

    I pledge my life and existance to you

  5. Catania-Rose
    14.01.2016 @ 00:02

    Goddess Ezada, you are stunning. I surrender my life to you. Your feet own me. I want you to rule the world; I will then be your slave forever and bow at your feet day and night; wait on you hand and foot; fufill every wish you order me to do; run any errand you command and lick your feet, massaging those beauties, and being your eternal footstool. I worship you, your excellency. I bow to you, your royal highness. I fall on my knees in your presence, your majesty. I pray to you, Goddess Ezada Sinn.

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