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Mistress Ezada Sinn dictator small

“Take a mental picture, slave, because this is the last you will see of the Universe, which is Me!”

The philosophy of Ezadasinnism unifies metaphysics, hinduism, buddhism, mesmerism, the few psychoanalyses of sadism and masochism that are worthwhile, political and sociological theories that focus on the concepts of power and submission, as well as ancient and modern theories of art, justice, truth and beauty. It is also quite heavily influenced by the writings of the French philosophers George Bataille and Gilles Deleuze.

In essence, Ezadasinnism defines a new world order that is structured by the principle of Ezada Suprematism. According to this principle, post-modernism and the end of history, as well as Hegels wandering Spirit and Heideggers Sein, collapse into the black hole that is the gateway to the one white hole that is known as the big bang. Humans tend to think of this event as the birth of the universe in which they live. They are wrong.

Once before time and space, Goddess Ezada Sinn was Goddess Ezada Sinn. She was Her own Mother and She was Her own Daughter, although these are concepts that did not exist yet. There was no outpost to observe Her, since there did not exist anything beyond Her. There was no inpost either, since She had no awareness of Herself. Our limited brains can not grasp this. But this is how it was.

We still do not know exactly what happened, but it seems that something moved. Maybe something itched The Goddess, although we can not understand why and how. But when it did, Goddess Ezada Sinn reached full self awareness in less than a split second. And in that split second, everything that is, came into full being.

From all over the globe, intelligent dogs travel to Bucuresti, ready to offer themselves at the altar of the enigmatic Goddess Ezada Sinn. Knowing that they do not know anything, they voluntarily strip themselves of all worldly goods and illusions and kneel down naked, whispering words of devotion and gratefulness, begging Her to transform them into subhuman objects of use to Her universal project.

Religious and political leaders know that time has come to an end, which means that they are now superfluous, since they are dependend on time, the real hell. Even they bow down to Being beyond time: Goddess Mistress Lady Ezada Sinn.

Over here in the Soulkitchen, i suddenly realize why Lady Ezada Sinn resides in Bucuresti. Bucuresti is like Paradise that under the dictatorship of time suffered from the fall. But like a sfinx She arised from the ashes of evil under the nurturing guidance of The Goddess.

How lucky i am to feel Her eyes watching over me.

From My follower and worshiper, x


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