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Masturbation task – the metronome

Postpone your pleasure for your Mistress!


For the next task you will need a collection of My clips (My membership website is perfect!), pegs and a metronome. You can use an online metronome, like this one:


You must stroke your cock in the rhythm of the metronome.

Set the metronome to 40. During the first clip you rub your cock with this speed.

Second clip – set the metronome to 60.

3rd clip – 80

4th clip – 100

5th clip ­­­– 120

6th clip – 160

7th clip – 200


You are not allowed to stop in the middle of the clip. You must last until the 7th clip. You are allowed to cum only when the speed of the metronome is 200, during the last clip.


If the pleasure is too intense and you are about to cum, you will add one peg on your scrotum – this way you can count how many times you edged yourself. Change the position of the pegs between clips.


Let Me know how many pegs on your scrotum you ended up with.


See here

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  1. Andy
    01.05.2015 @ 02:31

    Mistress Ezada, you are so wonderful and amazing. I am such a lucky slave x

  2. Mario
    17.12.2016 @ 19:25

    Hi I m from Morocco , I m guy 19 And I want to be your slave if you want pliz ?

  3. Brad
    03.03.2017 @ 02:52

    Hello mistress I’m 18 and I’ve watched your clips on porn hub and I’m obsessed with you your so sexy mistress

  4. Raheem
    12.04.2017 @ 23:16

    You are controlling my life before I’ve even started the training programme! I jerked off to you 3 times today and I can’t get enough! Going to go and do it my 4th time now

  5. Mistress Suede
    18.09.2017 @ 05:45

    Rahim – if you were truly having Goddess control your life you wouldn’t be cumming, only edging. Stop thinking about yourself, bow down and serve!

  6. Farid
    25.11.2017 @ 01:14

    I want you to stay under your feet and I will serve you Make me your servant I will always obey you and serve you all the time If you fail to perform my duties Follow me as you wish and receive me Do not shorten your orders for me Please ask my mistress I want to stay under your feet

  7. Anthony
    08.03.2018 @ 11:47

    I will serve if you spank me

  8. Jordan Carden
    16.08.2018 @ 04:54

    Me and my wife need a slap in the face and a spanking in the ass

  9. Francois L.
    12.05.2019 @ 22:07

    I would do anything to become a online chastity device remain locked , with full long terme as owned and be keyholder have chastity contract to make as can be adding a number serial padlocks for ensure the not released from not allowed me released and have keep as long for a cum denied and to get not orgasme .

  10. Arkady
    15.06.2019 @ 04:00

    Dear Mistress Ezada Sinn,

    I submit to your Complete Dominance over me.
    I’m just your another young slave, who is in need of Your Attention, Mistress Ezada Sinn.
    It has been about 2 months i have trained myself to be able to cum at the metronome of 250.
    I have bought about 12 your Foot Fetish clips. i am sitting in my knees in front of you, Goddess Ezada Sinn.. It took me about 3 months, to be able to satisfy Your wants, Goddess Ezada Sinn.
    Right now I wonder, if I could deserve Your attention privately, Goddess Ezada Sinn.
    i am willing to give any tribute out, Goddess Ezada Sinn. i am addicted to you, and Your dominance, and your Feet, Goddess Ezada Sinn. I will be waiting for your response of the place+ the tribute You want to command to me, Goddess Ezada Sinn.
    Sincerely yours,
    Your foot bitch

  11. Jeremy
    13.07.2019 @ 17:24

    Hello Goddess Ezada Sinn. You said your online session were closed but I really wanted to write to you. I consider myself to be an alpha in real life but came across your page and was curious, I feel like you could be the woman to put me in my place. I am new to this so don’t really understand how tribute works, are you able to show me? I would love to be your slave. Thankyou Goddess

  12. Ezada
    29.07.2019 @ 18:46

    you can join MY fan page for a monthly subscription of 31 usd. For personalized tasks there is an extra fee, if you feel you need something different than the daily tasks I publish. But I believe the general tasks will be enough to start with.

  13. Pablo
    28.01.2020 @ 16:35

    Hi, I’m from Spain and I love your videos, I want to know what I have to do to be your slave during a video or in a private session.
    I wait your answer!

  14. Ezada
    05.03.2020 @ 17:41

    I only play with My partners, Pablo

  15. Francois L.
    14.05.2020 @ 11:44

    I want to be put a castration my balls with her .

  16. Urjith
    12.06.2020 @ 12:04

    Dear goddess you are Queen to me I will be your slave from today onwards . Pls tell me what I can do for you .

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