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Worn items

Have you ever dreamed to worship My voluptuous body? you can feel closer to Me by having My worn clothes and shoes.

Here is a list with some of My worn items I want to sell. Shipping is not included. Custom clips with Me wearing the specific item are possible for $10/minute.

If you are looking for something else, let Me know.

Payment must be made in advance (via Clips4sale tribute button, OnlyFans tip, or gift card – mention you preference for the payment method when you contact Me). Shipping cost is included in the price for small items (socks, stockings, pantyhose, panties). Shipping is not included for larger/heavier items. Small items are vacuumed, so the fragrance will be kept intact. Everything is packed in a discreet parcel.


1 – well worn socks, stockings or pantyhose (nude or black) in good condition, regular brands ($70 euro) or Wolford, Falke etc (starting with $100, may be more if the models are expensive to buy)

2 – well worn stockings or pantyhose (nude or black) that I can’t wear anymore (have runs in them). Wolford, Falke, Gatta – Brands that I usually wear – $60

3 – well worn cotton gym socks (black or white) – $60

4 – worn panties – a random pair from My laundry basket ($100) or custom ($200). Custom means you can choose the style, color or extra wear. I usually wear a pair of panties for a day.

5 – very worn black leather sandals – for years My walking sandals $200

6 – very well worn black patent leather designer Paco Gil shoes – $300

7 – extreme platforms – worn very little, bought from Thailand $120 

8 – white patent leather designer Sofia Baldi shoes – $400

9 – very well worn, My very first pair of over the knee leather boots. From 5th Avenue. Very comfortable, I wore them for years and years an I still love them. Size 39 – $400

10 – black patent Mei shoes. size 39 $60 

11 – very well worn Timberland boots $100

12. brown leather booties $80


13. well worn sport shoes / walking shoes $100

14. extreme wenge platforms $100


16 – very well worn brown leather wooden wedges sandals size 39 – $80

17 – Black real stretch leather Duna boots (size 39). $200

18 – well work marabou feathers slippers. Gold color, size 7.5 UK $80



30. Black stretch eco-leather high waste leggings size L – very comfortable and very well worn. The leather is cracked in some places as seen in the images. I want them replaced. 90 euro

31. Blue leather dress size 38 – 200 euro

32. Roeckl, burgundy leather luxury gloves. Stained by rain. Size 6.5 – 170 euro

33. Hugo Boss stretch eco-leather leggings in black or silver 120 euro – well worn, the material is cracked in some places.

34. Black leather skirt, size UK 12 – 50 euro.

35. Leather gloves, long patent black leather gloves. Size 7. 50 euro. (reserved)

36. Black leather jacket with zippers size UK12 – 50 euro; very well worn, with an intense smell of My sweat.

37. Black Leather Body size M, almost like new: 250 euro

38. Black leather 2/3 jacket size UK12 – 100 euro – very well worn

39. Black leather bed boots from Zado size L- 200 euro.

40. Black leather dress from Zado size M – 100 euro.

41. Stretch real leather leggings from Oakwood. Size Euro 40. Very well worn. They were My very first stretch leather pants but they do not fit well. I am selling them cheaper than their initial price. 500 euro.

42. Black real leather trousers from Miss Yvonne, size Euro 42. 250 euro

50. Hunkemoller nightgown size M material viscose. Well worn. 60 euro

60. Short coat, beige real mink fur, trimmed, with for fur trim on the edges. 500 euro



fanart by My chattel tubby


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  1. Jimmy
    02.01.2015 @ 18:20


  2. Frank
    09.01.2015 @ 02:57

    Please, Mistress…. may i purchase Your Black or Red Leather items?

  3. Andrea
    30.01.2015 @ 18:32

    I am interested Your catsuit blue latex

  4. Andrea
    30.01.2015 @ 18:33

    Bonjour madame mistress ezada i am slave Andrea i desideree sell Your catsuit latex blue

  5. Ezada
    10.02.2015 @ 01:31

    Contact Me via email.

  6. ammad
    07.05.2015 @ 15:07

    Hi The Great mistress Ezada Sinn I am ammad I want
    to know how it feels like being controlled by a women
    It is my wish to become a slave and I wish it can come
    True by you Mistress Ezada Sinn I want to have the Skype
    Video slave training which is also my wish to get a session
    With you mistress Ezada Sinn I hope I can become a good
    Thank You Mistress Ezada Sinn for your time I hope i can become
    Your slave via Skype video Training

  7. allehandro
    08.05.2015 @ 09:53

    hellow Mistress!
    where are the february ,march and may free videos that You promissed?

  8. Ezada
    12.05.2015 @ 00:43

    I consider your question rather rude. The free clips posted here are a gift for My followers and I expect to be taken as such. I do My best to post new content on regular basis but My time is limited, especially when I travel, which is often. If you want to watch more of My clips you can join My membership website (almost 400 streaming clips for 29.95$/month).

  9. shekanjeh
    24.05.2015 @ 15:15

    Hello Great Mistress Ezada …
    I know that your Time is valuable .
    But I want to be your slave . under your feet …
    … I send you an email .
    Please accept me !

  10. Sclavul
    30.07.2015 @ 17:47

    I would like to buy the white satin short top.
    Thank you Mistress!

  11. Ezada
    30.07.2015 @ 17:54

    White satin top is already sold.

  12. Paulo Miguel Gonçalves Ornelas Camacho
    04.09.2015 @ 17:01

    Supreme Mistress Ezada Sinn:

    I have a real addiction to YOUR leather items because they make me feel more about YOU because they are YOUR favourites, so they are my favourites too.
    I kneel and bow down before YOU Supreme Mistress Ezada Sinn.

  13. andrei
    10.09.2015 @ 22:39

    as cumpara chiloti ca sa le port

  14. John Macdonald
    17.09.2015 @ 18:20

    I want to be bound and gagged as you whip me.

  15. Alok Roy
    01.10.2015 @ 05:31

    Respected mistress,
    i sincerely want to buy your well worn panties. I live in India and a great fan of yours after seeing you in several femdom clips. I would really love to have those panties if they are piss soaked. Please let me know about the price and the procedure.

    On my knees,
    Alok Roy

  16. Tom Fischer
    05.10.2015 @ 04:47

    Do you have any smelly heels that i can get from you? Please let me know

  17. Charly
    09.11.2015 @ 01:01

    Do you have any sock or panties for sale

  18. Ezada
    09.11.2015 @ 01:31

    Yes, I’m wearing panties and socks every day.

  19. Chris
    14.12.2015 @ 16:07

    Iam trying to send gift card but it says wrong email.

  20. Ezada
    14.12.2015 @ 17:37

    I don’t know what are you talking about (Amazon gift card?). Write Me an email using the contact form on My website.

  21. Mister Moo
    16.12.2015 @ 12:41

    Dear Devine Goddess!

    I am a big fan of panty gags and it would be lovely to get the privilige of buying a pair if you used panties.

  22. Ezada
    16.12.2015 @ 14:08

    I will reply to your email soon.

  23. Mister Moo
    16.12.2015 @ 14:23

    Thank you Goddess!

  24. Adam
    08.01.2016 @ 19:46

    Hi mistress do you have any sex toys for sale can I get a chastity device and send you they keys

  25. andrea
    26.01.2016 @ 02:20

    i am interested buy catsuit, leggings dressed in latex

  26. gloved_basha
    28.02.2016 @ 19:20

    Any gloves for sale?

  27. Ezada
    28.02.2016 @ 19:35

    I love gloves, especially leather gloves. I will post some pictures with the gloves I am willing to sell in the next weeks.

  28. Shuhei Kudo
    29.02.2016 @ 09:31

    I you are favorites putting gloves. I want to buy if the gloves that were used are sold.

  29. Ken
    09.04.2016 @ 08:10

    Hi my perfect
    Iwant buy your worn stocking

  30. andrei
    05.05.2016 @ 16:28

    as cumpara chilotei sau “white satin short top”

  31. Sammy
    23.06.2016 @ 16:15

    Hi mistress I want to buy your night clothes and wear or smell them do you have any other clothes for sale stinky can you add pictures of your socks and stockings. And also do you have nikers and panties sets so dirt how much.

  32. James
    26.06.2016 @ 11:59

    Can I see picture of the well worn black sandals – 30 euros number 10 please

  33. Ezada
    26.06.2016 @ 12:12

    Yes, in about one month.

  34. James
    27.06.2016 @ 15:23

    Why a month you on holiday

  35. Ezada
    27.06.2016 @ 15:40

    Are you looking for attention? I know you are the same person, asking same question (that I already answered) using different names.

  36. Gavin terry
    28.06.2016 @ 16:22

    Hi mistress I do wood work I want to make you something

  37. Darious
    28.06.2016 @ 20:08

    Hi when new clothes coming

  38. Denis
    18.07.2016 @ 23:36

    If need help with update site.
    Welcome please.

  39. Ezada
    18.07.2016 @ 23:37

    Obviously not.

  40. Adam
    19.07.2016 @ 12:58

    When new clothes coming

  41. Louis
    01.10.2016 @ 22:47

    I would like to buy a thick pair of worn shiny Pantyhose 40 den or more. Is it possible?
    A fan

  42. Ezada
    02.10.2016 @ 10:47

    Yes, contact Me using the contact form on My website.

  43. gloved_basha
    24.11.2016 @ 08:09

    Thanks Mistress for posting a couple of gloves. But can you please put more details about your gloves? Like size and lining?
    Also regarding your bottoms (pants and skirts) can you please specify the waist size?

  44. Ezada
    24.11.2016 @ 11:02

    I have added more details to all the items

  45. ChrisIX
    22.12.2016 @ 19:29


    I want to buy your item number 6 RED WET LOOK LEGGINGS.
    Please send me your instructions for the payment.
    Is it possible to wear them before sending?
    Would be so great!
    Thanks a lot my favorite GODDESS!

  46. Ezada
    23.12.2016 @ 22:38

    I regret, I already sold them.

  47. ChrisIX
    24.12.2016 @ 09:28

    Okay, so I would like to buy item number one WET LOOK LEGGINGS.
    Are they black?
    Can you wear them before sending?
    Have a wonderful christmas time GODDESS EZADA!!!

  48. Jon
    16.02.2017 @ 16:07

    Hello Mistress Ezada would love to buy the wet look leggings
    Kind Regards Jon

  49. Ezada
    16.02.2017 @ 20:33

    use contact form to contact Me in private

  50. Andy
    13.04.2017 @ 21:59

    Hello Mistress, I would like to buy your used panties if they are still available

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