Femdom art – Waldemar von Kozak

Here´s a very interesting artist: Russian Illustrator and designer Waldemar von Kozak aka Waldemar Kazak. He has his website here: http://waldemarkazak.com/ and a tumblr here: http://waldemar-kazak.tumblr.com/. Waldemars work is not so much Femdom but rather humorous, surrealistic, sarcastic, dark and often quite sexy.

This little gem here sure is my favourite, not only for the Female led relationship story that it tells just a little tongue in cheek.


I very much like the artistic quality. The elegant dresses of the ladies, the sad face of the man-bear, Picassos “Guernica” in the background, this is all just beautifully done. But what I love most of all about it is of course the message that it conveys. The male in the household is worth just nothing. A footwarmer only for the beautiful Ladies who do not even take notice of the rug at their feet. While the left hand of the woman in red touching the forearm of her friend speaks of some distinct intimacy poor little bear´s face tells us everything about his helpless frustration and sadness. Wonderful. This is exactly how I like to be in My own living room.

Ok, My male followers, before you now feel to sorry about your poor comrade, here is a little encore to cheer you up: The medicine of love… Behave well to deserve it.


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