Ode to Mistress Ezada Sinn

“Instead of doing diary type entries this week which would inevitably be centred around one theme – woke up aroused thinking of my Mistress, dreamt of my Mistress all day, performed the mantra and then went to sleep with my Mistress uppermost in my mind! – I thought I would try and compose a little poetry relating to my voyage of discovery. Here it is – an ode to my Mistress, I do hope You like it!”

by slave in training len

I know, I just know….

In the maze of my submissive soul no way out or so it seems
Dead end after dead end, no escape to my fetish dreams
Dommes and Dominas, short, temporary relief but no fulfilment
Desperately seeking my submissive contentment.

What next, where to go, what to do, my heart and soul ache
I find the OWK, but not the courage, is it real or is it fake
And then She was there, a stunning superior Goddess
Somehow I know, I just know, that one day my soul She will possess.

But so far away, how to meet such a beauty of natural dominance
But somehow I know, I just know, I must make that chance
Like waves lapping at the shore with the rising tide
Reaching out, drawing me in, can’t hide, don’t want to hide.

Hundreds of miles between us and yet I can still feel
A strong pulsing draw like a magnet to steel
After years of futile search, never knowing, always down
A chance, a chance, can it really be in London town?!

E mails, response, connection made and date agreed
Heart racing, mouth dry, will my torment now be freed
Then my eyes set upon a vision of superior dominant glory
Could this be the final chapter of my submissive story?

Nervous and fumbling, desperately keen to impress
Her soothing authority calms me, freeing my distress
These moments of discovery are so special, time stands still
Somehow I know, I just know of my need to submit to Her will.

Slowly falling to my knees, eyes lowered then gently rising
I meet Hers, deep, dark, soulful, warm but uncompromising
As my heart trembles Her look delves deep into my soul
And I know, I just know I am surrendering to Her control.

She doesn’t need to speak, her spell it is cast
I want to serve and obey from this moment to my last
A burning desire has consumed me, fight it, no, embrace it
Let it warm you, envelop you, an everlasting flame just lit.

Of sharp intellectual beauty and commanding presence
A light piercing the soul, an intruder invading the senses
Beauty personified, sophisticated, graceful and stylish
To fall, serve, obey and pleasure is my only wish,

Her passionate flame burns in my soul, my desire within
To serve, suffer, obey and please my Goddess Ezada Sinn
Floating in a sea of happiness my search it is complete
A triumph of patience, faith and desire, never admitting defeat!

I know, I just know…..


Picture taken in Hoxton Dungeon for My slave in training len

Ode to Goddess Ezada Sinn absolute femdom supremacy