1. frank
    21.05.2014 @ 23:21

    Weird. This is what i just wrote, just in other words. And i had not read this before. As i said: we are all the same. Interchangeable really.

  2. sqweegel
    21.05.2014 @ 23:47

    What a great insight in how another devotee of The Goddess grows in his admiration and pride. he describes how his “session Mistress” in no time can only be regarded and experienced as the Supreme Presence, even is She is not there.

    Enjoyed reading it!

  3. sagar
    25.08.2014 @ 11:47

    Oh! My Goddess I want to be your Toilet-Slave, kneeling before your Devine feet, obediently, worship your Devine feet and be most submissive slave under your commands in total submission of my body and mind. Live eating all your Sacred and holy SHITT at your mercy dedicate my self for the torture to the fun and pleasure of my Goddess. My Goddess please make me your toilet commode Tease me as you wish fix a chastity cage to my tiny little cock and make me a cuckold humiliate and disgrace me as you wish thrash me as you like but please let me be your most obedient, dedicated devoted and faithful doggy slave under your feet myGODDESS

  4. SagarSlave
    14.12.2014 @ 02:57

    My Goddess Ezada! With my tiny little Cock locked in chastity cage and key with my Goddess after totally milking till dry hanging like deflated balloon as I kneel before my Goddess with total obedience, awaiting for commands to serve my Goddess. People around laughing at me. My Goddess Commands with a whip, thrashing me to place my mouth under her holy ASS and lick till she SHITTS in my Throat. With gratitude for having the opportunity of eating the sacred SHITT, I humbly start licking deep into her holy ASS . A sudden flush of SHIT falls in my throat and I swallow it eagerly to satiate my hunger. After all I am her slave living eating only SHITT as my FOOD. My Goddess EZADA ordered to live eating SHITT of her and all her co-Dominos. I am blessed by Goddess to eat SHITT of all her friends at their mercy, after having served them as a Slave and getting tortured for their fun and pleasure. slaves like me are are born to serve them and earn my Food of HOLY SHITT at their mercy. I am used as a Poney by all to ride over me to move paces. Every week my Cock is totally Milked till dry while daily my ass and mouth fucked with large STRAPON and my Cock and Balls busted. I am also made sissy boy and cuckold, suck cocks and lick CUM. blessed to lick the menses fluids of mistresses. As her Slave with permanent cooler round my neck hooked to chain I must fallow my Mistress holding chin like her doggy. I must be careful while a mistress uses me as PONEY to carry her in moving places riding me. Permanent marking on my face and body with tattoo reading ” TOILET-SLAVE OF GODDESS EZADA” has bee made, and I must be nude and always on my knees with totally shaved head and face (including Eye-Brows)

  5. Sagar Skave
    31.07.2015 @ 08:54

    My Goddess is Mistress Ezada and I am born to be her Toilet Slave, to serve my Goddess. Faithful,Devoted and most
    Submissive Toilet SlaveI am kneeling humbly before the holy feet is my fortune. Submission and total surrender to her for the torture and pain for my Goddesses Pleasure and fun gives me my daily feed of Holy and sacred shit of my Goddess. I can satiate my hunger only with SHITT of my Goddess. I have to earn my bellyful of SHITT at the mercy of my Goddess

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