1. tomas
    21.02.2019 @ 23:48

    Extremely beautiful Goddess Ezada Sinn
    I love You.
    This story goes right in to my heart

  2. Sam
    05.04.2019 @ 17:17

    Mistress ezada sin you are so beautiful feel am lick your feet and ass

  3. Mark E Wendel
    03.05.2019 @ 16:36

    I would love to be trained as your complete toilet slave for both golden and brown showers. Please make me your totally naked slave. I would scrub your floors on my hands and knees. I can be your dog or horsey slave. If I ever displease you I know I am in for a good ass whipping. please spit in my face dozens of times everyday just to put me in my slave place. please use whatever verbal abuse You wish to put me even further in my place. I promised I will always bow down to You and lick Your boots with the devotion of a true boot licking slave. If you wish I will always serve as a total toilet slave to your girlfriends. They can also help You with any ass whippings You wish for me to sever. I bow down to You and await your reply. Your boot licking slave mark.

  4. Ezada
    06.05.2019 @ 09:50

    I rarely use new boys nowadays in real life but you can start serving Me from distance. I like your fantasies, are complementary to Mine.

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