My worn shoes

I love shoes!!! I have a strong fetish for high heels – the higher, the better. I own more than 100 pairs of different shoes but I always want new ones. And since My closet space is limited, I want to sell/change some of My old, very well worn shoes.


If you want to buy a pair, contact Me telling Me which pair you want. The payment must be made in advance via clips4sale tribute button or gift card. Also, I accept a new pair (of My choice) for an old one but you must pay for the shipment.

Shipping is not included in the displayed price. Add 20-40 euro for shipping (for large items like shoes or boots) depending of the destination.

All My shoes are size 39 or 40.

Custom clips with Me wearing the shoes available for 10 $/min.

#1 – well worn Massimo Dutti brown leather sandals; sole made of leather too. size 41 – 200 euro

#2 – very well worn black patent leather designer Paco Gil shoes – 200 euros

#3 – well worn brown leather pumps with stiletto high heels; size 39 – 70 euro

#4 – white patent leather designer Sofia Baldi shoes – 200 euros

#5 – very well worn, My very first pair of over the knee leather boots. From 5th Avenue. Very comfortable, I wore them for years and years an I still love them. Size 39 – 500 euro

#6 – well worn red synthetic patent leather sandals – 50 euros

#7 – well worn pink suede leather wedges sandals size 39 – 200 euro

#8 – golden sandals size 39 – 50 euro

#9 – silver platform shoes, size 39 – 20 euro

#10 – well worn black sandals – 20 euros

#11 – white leather wedges sandals size 39 – 30 euro

#12 – very well worn brown leather wooden wedges sandals size 39 – 100 euro

#13 –

#14 – blue sexy high heels – 20 euros





#19 – suede leather slippers – 10 euro

#20 – white/pink well worn slippers – very smelly – 20 euro 

#21 – black satin with feathers slippers/with crown –  very smelly – 50 euro

#22 –

#24 – well worn flip flops (different models) –  20 euro (or a new similar pair)

Already sold items

well worn stiletto high heels from Killer High Heels, synthetic patent black and red leather. Size 39 – 50 euro


very well worn black patent leather designer Corso Como shoes – 150 euros

the most comfortable high heels I have ever had – repaired several times. I wore these for years.


light brown over the knee synthetic leather  boots – 100 euro


 very well worn brown suede designer Corso Como shoes – 60 euros


well worn custom made thigh high black leather boots with zipper in the back – 300 euro – My favorite pair of boots for long time

very well worn knee high black leather boots – 200 euro

red leather custom made shoes – 40 euros

very well worn white Via Uno designer wedges sandals – 20 euros


synthetic red patent leather gogo heels – 15 euros – reserved
size 40, just what a sissy needs

white well worn slippers – very smelly – 20 euro – SOLD


very well worn sport shoes freshly worn –  very smelly – 20 euro (or new similar pair)

I’m wearing this pair for years now. My favorite pair of sport shoes. I wore them without socks so My sweat is impregnated in their material.

#23 – well worn sport shoes freshly worn –  smelly – 40 euro (or new similar pair) for white Adidas pair


well worn black leather strappy sandals – 30 euros – SOLD

well worn black leather boots – 90 euros – SOLD

well worn synthetic black leather boots – 60 euros – SOLD

well worn synthetic black leather boots – 50 euros  – SOLD

very well used synthetic red patent leather boots – 30 euros – SOLD

synthetic black patent leather shoes – 25 euros

well worn synthetic white patent leather high heels – 20 euros  SOLD


well worn synthetic black patent leather high heels – 15 euros  SOLD

very well worn cream suede leather wedges sandals – 20 euro  SOLD

 well worn black Reebok sport shoes freshly worn – smelly  20 euro

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  1. Herbert
    03.06.2014 @ 14:37

    very nice boots i have seen them in the movies,sad You send them mistress:(

  2. Ezada
    03.06.2014 @ 14:42

    I have around 30 pairs of boots. And new ones will be added soon to My collection.

  3. Sqweegel
    08.08.2014 @ 08:11

    mmm. These shoes would be great for an altar for a daily worship and devotion (when not with You)….

    09.12.2014 @ 08:32

    I want to buy your Thigh high boots Black lack/patent ….. wich you carry/wear in Clip4sales ” Mistress Ezada’s Boot Whore ” !
    If you are OK …. I pay immediatly by Paypal ?
    Indicate me your Price ?
    But I want that they are real boots of Clip ? Thank you for you answer …… Yves/Paris

  5. Ezada
    09.12.2014 @ 10:18

    I sent you an email regarding My patent leather Fernando Berlin boots.

  6. D.
    05.01.2015 @ 15:25

    Sublime Goddess Ezada,
    actually I´m nearly addicted to your beautiful naked feet , especially when I see the adorable toering, but I´m also interested in every sexy shoes with the unpayable honour to touch your divine feet.
    So I like to would have the Numbers 10, 12 and 17 with the hope that they smell and taste like they look….
    If possible I would like to pay with Creditcard.
    Pleas send me the conditions and. .. stay as divine as you are.
    Not only a beautiful, but a really, really adorable Woman.
    Seriously yours,

  7. mohamad
    09.04.2015 @ 13:06


  8. Ezada
    09.04.2015 @ 13:08

    Good boy! Now lick them clean!

  9. Ammad
    02.05.2015 @ 16:28

    Hi mistress I would love to get ur shoes but
    I need your permission to get it I wish ur
    shoes are smelly and I wish that I can get
    the Skype video training from you I really
    like the way u beat the slaves its my dream
    to get beaten up by you and I wish I can lick
    every shoes of yours and your feet also

  10. ammad
    02.05.2015 @ 18:45

    Mistress I want to buy your black patent desinger Paco gil shoes if it is OK with you mistress Immediately with paypal ?
    And I want to get the Skype training for your pleasure

  11. Ezada
    03.05.2015 @ 04:23

    Email Me. PayPal is not accepted as a payment option.

  12. wang
    13.06.2015 @ 12:23

    高跟鞋很好,我很喜欢,非常喜欢女王,很丰满性感~~I LIKE YOU,MY QUEEN!

  13. Shaun
    01.07.2015 @ 05:08

    Mistress I want to buy your worn out flip flops… how should I pay??

  14. Ezada
    02.07.2015 @ 15:10

    Contact Me via email for details. Payment via gift card.

  15. Bob
    02.07.2015 @ 18:06

    Hi mistress can you please take a picture of the black satin with feathers slippers on your feet please thank you

  16. syu-syu
    13.08.2015 @ 03:19

    Hello Mistress!
    Boots soaked a lot of sweat and smell you elaborate wear, what I also want to come to get.

  17. syu-syu
    13.08.2015 @ 17:29

    I would want to buy the #9 boots. Even I who live in Japan or would be possible to buy? Also I want to know the condition etc. of smell.

  18. Ezada
    13.08.2015 @ 17:40

    Boots number 9 are still in Romania. I can send them to you in Japan but only after December 2015, when I will visit Romania. Usually I wear the shoes for 2-3 days before sending them so the smell is fresh. Some items have an intense smell, some not so much. Depends very much of the material the shoes are made of.

  19. syu-syu
    13.08.2015 @ 18:50

    Is it possible to reserve the that boots up in May?

  20. Ezada
    13.08.2015 @ 21:59

    you can buy them now and I will send them when you want (may be in May).

  21. syu-syu
    15.08.2015 @ 10:08

    Do you have boots of plans to sell also other?

  22. Ezada
    16.08.2015 @ 10:42

    yes. I will publish them all in this section.

  23. bob
    18.08.2015 @ 16:53

    can I have a picture of you wearing the shoes

  24. Ezada
    20.08.2015 @ 17:34

    @bob – I added a picture with Me wearing the slippers

  25. Paulo Miguel Gonçalves Ornelas Camacho
    04.09.2015 @ 17:04

    Supreme Mistress EZada Sinn:

    I am addicted and weak to YOUR black boots Mistress Ezada Sinn.
    I kineel and bow down before YOU Mistress Ezada Sinn

  26. Paul
    23.09.2015 @ 11:32

    Hi mistress Ezada your so beautiful your my favourite mistress do you have any more heels that shoes the toes or and flat shoes.

  27. Felix Trox
    11.10.2015 @ 20:54

    Dear Msitress Ezada,

    I would love to buy a pair of your worn boots.

    Would you please let me know how I could arrange payment?

    my kindest regards


  28. Stephan
    06.11.2015 @ 16:13

    Hi Mistress

    Dont you have any flipflops for sale?

    would love to own a pair.

  29. Ezada
    06.11.2015 @ 16:19

    actually I have a well worn pair. I’ll publish some pictures later today.

  30. Charly
    07.11.2015 @ 02:24

    Hi mistress Ezada do you have any flat shoes

  31. Charly
    07.11.2015 @ 02:25

    Hi mistress Ezada do you have any flat shoes or sandals

  32. Tom Fischer
    18.11.2015 @ 01:08

    I would like your first pair of heels.

  33. Adam
    08.01.2016 @ 19:48

    Hi do you have any flats shoes or pumps or heels were they show toes or bikini or panties can you are pictures on your website

  34. Ezada
    08.01.2016 @ 23:00

    I don’t understand what you are trying to say.

  35. Sam
    11.01.2016 @ 17:44

    Can you add pictures of your nikkers and bikini for sale.
    Can I see a picture of your slippers for sale on.

  36. Ezada
    11.01.2016 @ 19:52

    I have probably 100 pairs of panties. If you are looking for a specific type, let me know and I will wear it and send it if I have it. I can send pictures together with the panties for an extra fee. Contact Me via email for details. This is not a subject to discuss in public.

  37. Fas
    21.01.2016 @ 10:46

    Hi do you have any more shoes for sale so stinky

  38. syu-syu
    03.02.2016 @ 07:59

    Hello Mistress Ezada.
    I have a question.
    No.9 of boots or Will ‘ve sold out ?

  39. Ezada
    03.02.2016 @ 10:14

    Boots number 9 are sold. Only boots number 7 available at the moment.

  40. Shuhei Kudo
    17.02.2016 @ 10:26

    Your boots, I look forward to reach.

  41. Daved
    24.03.2016 @ 17:36

    Hi do you have any sandals for sale

  42. Asid
    20.05.2016 @ 23:01

    Hi do have any
    Sandals or heels.

  43. Affj
    22.05.2016 @ 00:30

    Hi can I buy your sandals mistress how do I pay? Can you add more shoes please and free videos

  44. Ezada
    22.05.2016 @ 00:34

    Use contact form to discuss the details about payment. More shoes, yes, in about 2 months. Free videos probably not. you can find plenty of clips with Me on my c4s store.

  45. Mark
    23.05.2016 @ 07:32

    Do you have any slippers worn with hose?

  46. Ezada
    23.05.2016 @ 08:34

    As you can see, there are several pairs of slippers for sales.

  47. Aopa
    21.06.2016 @ 21:42

    Hi mistress do you have any more sandals I want to buy and see picture of them

  48. Sam
    21.06.2016 @ 21:45

    Any more sandals mistress

  49. Paski
    22.06.2016 @ 16:34

    Can you add more sandals for sale

  50. Ezada
    22.06.2016 @ 21:48

    More items (including sandals) will be posted at the end of July.

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