My worn clothes

Have you ever dreamed to worship My voluptuous body covered in leather? Seeing Me wearing leather makes you powerless? Not everybody has the chance to worship Me, because of different reasons, but you can feel closer to Me by having My worn clothes.

If you know Me already, you know how much I love leather. The smell of leather, the buttery feeling of it, the sound it makes when I move. I am a leather fetishist. By now I have lots of leather clothes and since I always want some new ones, I though it will be a good idea to make some space in My wardrobe and to give you the opportunity to sniff, lick, wear My worn clothes.

leather fetish

Here you have a list with some of the worn leather items you can buy. you can buy any of the articles for the listed price (plus shipping from Bucharest) or you can buy a new similar item (after My approval) and get the worn item for free.

Custom clips with Me wearing the item that you buy available, for only 7 usd/minute.

1. wet look leggings well worn size 40 – 20 euro (model 1, 2), 50 euro (model 3)

2. I need space in My fetish closet and I am selling some of My latex clothes. Pre-owned but in perfect condition.

I gave these items to
@Ezadaspinkbitch, DM him on Twitter
for more details. Shipping from the UK.

All items in size M or L (UK 10-14)

White latex dress 50 pounds

Black asymmetric latex dress 20 pounds

Black latex leotard 80 pounds

Black latex shaping top 40 pounds

Black latex dress with garters 20 pounds

Black latex panties 15 pounds each or 25 both

Trans-lucid grey latex tights 60 pounds

Black latex socks and gloves 25 pounds for the socks, 20 pounds for the gloves or 40 for both.

Black latex pencil skirt 30 pounds

Red latex long gloves 30 pounds

Black latex hoods (different models) 20 pounds each or 60 pounds all 4.

3. Black leather biker pants size 40 – 300 euro; this item is well worn.

4. Blue leather dress size 38 – 100 euro

5. Roeckl, burgundy leather luxury gloves. Stained by rain. Size 6.5 – 170 euro

6. Black leather top – 250 euro, size 40 – very well worn, very sweaty

7. Black leather skirt, different models  size UK 12 – 50 euro.

8. Leather gloves, different models

Model 3 – long patent black leather gloves. Size 7. 100 euro.

9. Black leather jacket with zippers size UK12 – 50 euro; very well worn, with an intense smell of My sweat.


11. Black leather jacket size UK12 – 40 euro; well worn.

12. Black leather 2/3 jacket size UK12 – 100 euro – very well worn

13. Black leather bed boots from Zado size L- 200 euro.

14. Black leather dress from Zado size M – 150 euro.

15. blue shirt, with sweat stain, well worn. 50 euro

16. white satin robe with lave trim. Well worn. 30 euro. I decided I prefer silk for satin and most of My satin nigh gowns and robes must go.

17. Hunkemoller nightgown size M material viscose. Well worn. 60 euro

18. Short coat, beige real mink fur, trimmed, with for fur trim on the edges. 500 euro

21. Other worn items I’m selling:

2.1 – well worn socks, stockings or pantyhose (nude or black) in good condition, regular brands (50 euro) or Wolford, Falke etc (100 euro)

2.2 – well worn stockings or pantyhose (nude or black) that I can’t wear anymore (have runs in them). Wolford, Falke, Gatta – Brands that I usually wear – 30 euro or buy Me a new similar pair

2.3 – well worn cotton gym socks (white) – 50 euro

2.4 – worn panties – a random pair from My laundry basket (50 euro) or custom (100 euro). Custom means you can choose the style, color and extra wear. I usually wear a pair of panties for 24 hours or so.

When you contact Me specify your preference (if any). Payment must be made in advance (via Clips4sale tribute button or or gift card – details to be discussed in private). Shipping cost included in the price for small items (socks, stockings, pantyhose, panties). Shipping is not included for larger/heavier items. Small items are vacuumed, so the fragrance will be kept intact.

Custom clips with Me wearing the item that you buy available, for 10 usd/minute.


fanart by My chattel tubby


White shirt. Well worn 50 euro. Size UK 12.

Black leather pants with stretch material insertion between the legs, no lining. Size 40. Well worn. 150 euro

Brown leather gloves (elbow length) polyester lining from Warmer; size 7 – 40 euro

Model 1 – short black leather gloves, for winter. Size 7. 70 euro.

Model 2 – short burgundy leather gloves. Size 7. 70 euro.

Purple nylon knee length nightgown size L – 80 euro (can be sent washed or after I wear it 2-3 nights)

Black Latex Rubber Studded Seductress Corset size M- 80 euro;

Black fake leather leggings, size 40 (from H&M) – 50 euro

Black leather trousers size 38 – 150 euro. My first pair of leather pants, worn in “Working slaves for Mistress Ezada” OWK video production.

Red leather jacket size UK12 – 120 euro; very well worn, with an intense smell of My sweat.

Red wet look leggings size 40 – 20 euro

Black leather top from Zado size M– 100 euro; very well worn, with an intense smell of My sweat.

Black leather opera gloves – very well worn, no lining – 60 euro

Black leather skirt

wet look / leather look leggings Calzedonia – 40 euro – SOLD

Brown leather pants – 70 euro. – SOLD

Red leather pants – 150 euro. In order to feel better the leather the inside liner of these pants was removed; this item is well worn. – SOLD

Black leather corset size 26”– 100 euro. My first leather corset, very well worn, with an intense smell of My sweat. Buy Me a new one (from Honor) and get it for free.

Black leather riding jacket – 70 euro; very well worn, with an intense smell of My sweat. SOLD

Blue latex catsuit with zipper in the back – 100 euro; well worn, latex is old – SOLD

Burgundy satin short nightgown – 15 euro (can be sent washed or after I wear it 2-3 nights) – SOLD

White satin short nightgown – 20 euro (can be sent washed or after I wear it 2-3 nights)

White satin short top – 10 euro (can be sent washed or after I wear it 2-3 nights) SOLD

Vintage black nylon short nightgown – 20 euro (can be sent washed or after I wear it 2-3 nights)

Vintage black nylon long nightgown – 30 euro (can be sent washed or after I wear it 2-3 nights)

Vintage black nylon long nightgown – 25 euro (can be sent washed or after I wear it 2-3 nights) – SOLD

Vintage black nylon long nightgown – 40 euro (can be sent washed or after I wear it 2-3 nights)

Vintage black nylon long nightgown – 40 euro (can be sent washed or after I wear it 2-3 nights) – SOLD

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  1. andrea
    14.04.2017 @ 02:22

    hello Mistress i am interested buy yours leggings wet look price 40 Euros for payment on PayPal ok

  2. Ernesto
    19.06.2017 @ 17:08

    Do you not sell your blouses? I want one you’ve sweated in intensely.

  3. Ezada
    19.06.2017 @ 18:36

    yes, you may buy My well worn sweaty blouse. Contact Me via contact form for the details.

  4. Andreas Güngerich
    18.07.2017 @ 09:53

    Hello Mistress Ezada,

    Can I buy worn nylon socks in skin paints? And what would they cost me?

    I am a Great Fan from your work.


  5. Ezada
    18.07.2017 @ 10:55

    Yes, you can. I have several pairs (ankle length, knee length) and different thickness. I can add several pictures on My website in the next following days. Price is 30 euro for one pair.

  6. Graham
    26.07.2017 @ 13:01

    How are you ezada

    I want to buy the red leggings how do I do so ?

    Yours faithfully
    And submissively
    Graham JUDGE

  7. Ezada
    26.07.2017 @ 13:02

    I wrote you an email already

  8. Graham
    26.07.2017 @ 15:05

    I would like the grey wet look leggings.

  9. Patrick
    17.09.2017 @ 09:09

    Dear Mistress, i would like to buy Your well worn stockings in black, and also Your worn panties in black. It would be an honor for me if i could hold these in my hands an worship them all day long.
    Submissive greets
    Slave P.

  10. Ezada
    17.09.2017 @ 11:14

    Contact Me using this form:

  11. curt gherart
    01.10.2017 @ 22:38

    bonjour ,
    je vous achète le Leggings en cuir noir et faux, taille 40 (de H & M) – 50 eurosle
    payemnt via paypal .
    merci .

  12. Ezada
    08.10.2017 @ 19:14

    Unfortunately that pair it is not available anymore

  13. Jim
    02.02.2018 @ 17:45

    Hi mistress I’m looking to buy a pair of your worn wolford pantyhose nude

  14. John b
    05.02.2018 @ 10:05

    Hello my mistress. I m interested to buy your well worn smelly stockings.

  15. Hugh Bartley
    08.02.2018 @ 03:42

    I would love a pair of your white or green panties

  16. Frank
    07.03.2018 @ 23:14

    Love to buy your stinky nylon pantyhose strong foot smell. Reinforced toes strong leather foot smell.

  17. Ezada
    10.03.2018 @ 12:39

    email Me

  18. Frank
    22.03.2018 @ 08:58

    Hello Mistress,

    I would love to buy the black marabou stockings. Thanks.

  19. Mani
    20.04.2018 @ 19:34

    Mistress can we ask for wet pantie . Like creampie and golden shower one. Can not serve you but will feel more closed to you if i can get these items .i will wash pantie and will squueze in to my mouth so i will feel the taste of yours

  20. Ezada
    23.04.2018 @ 08:36

    Yes, use the contact form to write Me.

  21. selm ail
    28.09.2018 @ 16:22

    I love you Ezada sinn please video

  22. Phillip Yeh
    07.10.2018 @ 03:31

    Dear Miss Ezada,

    I am wishing to purchase the following sending to London. How many times have you worn them with your hands? Please do advise me how to purchase them and means of providing my shipping address. Thank you.

    Kind regards,


    Model 1 – short black leather gloves, for winter. Size 7. 70 euro.
    Model 2 – short burgundy leather gloves. Size 7. 70 euro.
    Model 3 – long patent black leather gloves. Size 7. 100 euro.

  23. Ezada
    15.10.2018 @ 16:31

    I just wrote you an email

  24. Thomas Stelter
    19.10.2018 @ 06:37

    Hello Beautiful godness.
    I wanna buy the leggings model 3… can i Pay with Pay Pal?
    Your ass slave

  25. Ezada
    19.10.2018 @ 19:11

    I wrote you an email.

  26. James L
    27.10.2018 @ 18:28

    Please, please, Mistress , may I buy the studded corset item no 15, I can pay via several methods.
    Or as instructed.

    Thanking you in anticipation.

    JamesJane slave

  27. pantyhose wearing boy
    11.11.2018 @ 16:18

    Dear Mistress Ezada,

    I am a huge pantyhose lover Mistress, great to read You wear those lovely brands. They are amazing and suit You very well.
    They are more than perfect i would say.
    Even though i am a huge pantyhose lover Your wetlook leggings catched my eye as something beautiful and super gorgeous Mistress Ezada. Maybe because there perfection hand tightness just as pantyhose?
    Should i give in to this new feeling and explore it..?

    Best regards,
    Pantyhose wearing boy

  28. Ezada
    24.11.2018 @ 15:02

    I’m pleased to read your comment

  29. smit
    29.11.2018 @ 03:29

    hi baby.mistress very hot and only lve u.very beautiful.plz sooooooooo many videos scat and spit and armpit website.
    very tnx

  30. danio
    07.12.2018 @ 23:48 dori sa achizitionez unua din cele 3-4 camasi de noapte negre.

  31. Ezada
    09.12.2018 @ 14:58

    Produsele din partea de jos a paginii sunt deja vandute, asa cum este mentionat si in descriere. Voi publica alte articole in viitorul apropiat insa.

  32. Jason
    11.12.2018 @ 14:07

    Goddess Ezada

    Would it be possible for me to buy a pair of Your worn opera/long length leather gloves with a button opening on the wrist? It would be a dream come true for me if i could.

  33. Ray
    30.01.2019 @ 12:58

    Dearest Goddess Ezada how much in USD for your worn pantyhose?

  34. Ezada
    08.02.2019 @ 16:28

    Between 35 usd and 120 usd depending of the pantyhose.

  35. Michael
    19.02.2019 @ 17:53

    Supreme Goddess Ezada, is it possible to have black thong panties worn more than 24 hours? How much more would they cost. I can only imagine what your Goddess scent smells like, a slaves greatest reward

  36. Michael Howell
    20.05.2019 @ 17:01

    I love you and worship the ground you walk on. I want to be your pantyhose slut and high heel slut please add me to your mailing list

  37. Raj
    15.08.2019 @ 09:15

    Hi I want one bottle you piss.I will pay for this

  38. Jens H. from Germany
    17.08.2019 @ 13:36

    Dear Mistress Ezada,

    love it to see you in secretary outfit , white blouse and black skirt. Please post more of you in this outfit.

  39. Michael
    20.08.2019 @ 11:37

    Goddess Ezada, I imaging to be shrunken and trapped inside of your nylonpantyhose with no chance to escape to be there till the end of my life.

  40. Preben Rasmussen (Thundersky).
    15.11.2019 @ 17:36

    I am most facibated of lady stocking in old dayes to mieder or suspender, thats take me to be so soft for a women as i have nothing against to say but like femdom course allso women takles me inside..So I would like to bui som of you stocking and have to wear them as a need.-so if you would creave it as order? I ajm an old man at 71 but inside like a little boy stille as allwayes and weak for women. i am corpulent and 182 cm tall and my weigth is 97 kg. I cant stay and be weak for nylonstocking or silk and so and if you cabn tell a bit of what I shall a user declear or so, and I will send you the money perhaps on a a bank acound. tell med just how much i have to send you? You loook exciting.

  41. muller
    30.11.2019 @ 03:01

    I’m interested in viscose Hunkemoller size M viscose material. Well worn 60 euros, is it still available? how should I pay?

  42. C.J.
    22.12.2019 @ 01:30

    Hi Goddess,

    Am inquiring about a pair of your worn pantyhose. Do you wear them with or without panties and how long do you wear them before shipping? Thank you very much for your time and happy holidays.

  43. Ezada
    30.12.2019 @ 10:32

    I wore My nylons both with and without panties. I wore them long enough to be well scented. Usually for 2 days.

  44. Ezada
    30.12.2019 @ 10:34

    Join My fan page for daily tasks and lots of exclusive content related to nylon fetish

  45. Stefan
    15.01.2020 @ 06:14

    Dear Mistress,

    I would like to inquire about the black leather top you have for sale . I think you are the perfect goddess and it would be an honour to purchase it from you. Is it still available ? How may I pay?

  46. Stefan
    24.01.2020 @ 19:50

    Dear Goddess,

    I dream of being worthy enough to purchase the black leather top you have for sale, is this possible? Thank you for the possibility of considering me .

  47. Ezada
    24.01.2020 @ 19:52

    I already replied your email you a week ago. Check the spam folder.

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