1. rowena sissiman
    17.10.2016 @ 19:32

    Thank you for a wonderful post. i too have had my nipples trained. My ex wife and Mistress believed that all slaves must have long puffy nipples. She trained my nipples and after a number of years they are very long, puffy and ready for torment. They poke through my shirts and are quite visible in public. A woman at Walmart noticed my big nipples and we went out to her car so i could show them to her. She really liked slave’s nipples and pulled and pinched them. i did get her phone number.

    slave hopes to one day serve a Mistress again.

  2. nuli
    20.10.2016 @ 05:30

    i torture my nipples everyday at the same time i say mantra to Goddess Ezada Sinn, these are the happiest moments in the day. But i still miss the torture of my nipples by Goddess Ezada Herself, it was thrilling, i love it so much.

  3. Slave2YourNeeds
    30.10.2016 @ 06:21

    Be glad that Your Goddess has not yet started to torture your nipples with these nipple talon implementation clamps: https://fetlife.com/users/5303077/pictures/45625861

  4. slave pete
    30.11.2016 @ 17:26

    I have to admit that there isn’t anything else to compare to nipple pain! And just as She is an expert with a whip Mistress Ezada is also an expert when it comes to inflicting nipple pain!

    It ends up you having a love/hate relationship with it. Initially it does have a turn on appeal at least I guess for subs, but then you end up taking more pain not because you want more pain, but because you know it pleases one’s Mistress, but particularly so, if it happens to be Mistress Ezada!

  5. Slick
    27.08.2018 @ 15:01

    This article had potential but seems way over done

  6. Ezada
    28.08.2018 @ 14:27

    In which way?

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