1. nuli
    17.08.2017 @ 09:53

    Goddess Ezada’s long stiletto red nails are so beautiful and so full of power that every male creature will immediately throw himself on fours and beg for being tortured by Her stiletto nails, for example, tortured by using the nail drilling the nipples or sratching the back.

  2. nuli
    20.08.2017 @ 04:59

    nuli loves Goddess Ezada’s long stiletto red nails, nuli’s nipples are itching fo being pinched and drilled by Her nails. nuli loves to be pinched at the nipple by Goddess Ezada’s nails in the elevator. The harder, the better. But nuli fears it possibly breaks Goddess’ nail, so nuli hopes Goddess just use Her fingers to pinch nuli’s nipples, the harder the better.

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