My devotees

Do you believe in Female Supremacy? Are you willing to put yourself in the service of a Dominant woman? Are you dreaming to serve Me but don’t know what to do?

Goddess Ezada Sinn fur leather boots

Here are some easy steps to follow:

1. Think well about what you really wish for. It’s unrealistic to write Me from the first email that you want to become My total slave when you leave on a different continent. Be sincere and realistic. I can’t read minds but I ignore many emails I receive because I hate when My time is wasted.

2. Write Me an email using the contact form on My website. Tell Me several things about you (where are you from, how old are you, if you are in a committed relationship, BDSM/fetish experience, preferences, limits) and why you contacted Me (see bellow a list with possible positions). Don’t write Me long emails – I am swamped with emails and I usually tend to leave the long for last. Attach a recent picture of you – preferably a normal vanilla picture.

This may sound mercantile, but it’s a fact – a message that comes together with a gift (an gift card or similar) always gets My attention. It’s the best way to show Me your sincere desire to please Me and a great conversation starter.

female supremacy

These are some of the positions you can apply for:

– private session in person – check My “sessions” page to see when I am available for sessions and book a session with Me. Be short: tell Me that you are interested in a private session, about your experience, interests, limits and where and when would you prefer to meet Me.

– going out for drinks, dinner or shopping – I appreciate good conversations over a good meal accompanied by a glass of wine. Note that there is a tribute for My time. I love going out for shopping. No matter if we are looking for some fetish clothes, fancy dresses or expensive shoes, I will happily indulge. If you are looking to buy some things for you (sissy dresses, fetish clothes, sex toys) I will gladly help you.

distance training (via e-mail or Skype) – write Me about your experience in distance domination, what you are hoping to achieve (kinky play or to become a better servant for Me and/or other Dominant ladies), your interests, limits and availability (your time zone, when you can perform the tasks, if you have a gf / wife etc), if you have any toys/fetish clothes that you can use. Applications must be sent together with the required tribute.

– become a devotee of Sinn – if you admire Me and you would like to make yourself useful even though you live far away, apply to become a devotee.

Read more about it: How to become a devotee and What to expect as a devotee.

– personal collared slave – I always prefer quality over quantity. The maximum number of collared slaves in My harem is 5. I choose My personal slaves from the subs that serve Me in private or distance sessions or from the devotees of Sinn. Like in every other relationship, it takes time to develop a D/s relationship. you can’t apply for this position. you can apply for any other position listed above and tell Me about your willingness to become My collared slave in case the relationship goes well.

Start working for Me!

  • Dedicate your Twitter account to Me. Read here how.

Here you can find resources that you can use to spread My religion.

  • Pictures with Goddess Ezada Sinn to copy
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  1. Abdul
    24.08.2015 @ 12:46

    Hello ma’am
    I’m abdull from Saudi arabia I would be your personal slave for short time.I choice you to be your slave becuse no ladies Bueaty like you , you real queen . I’m tall boy about 185cm and handsome and doing my best serving for queen like you.
    I’m really interest .

  2. Paulo Miguel Gonçalves Ornelas Camacho
    04.09.2015 @ 16:17

    Supreme Mistress Ezada Sinn:

    I am already following YOU on facebook and twiter and i am reading YOUR website to know more about YOU because i feel that YOU are the Sublime Goddess that i have searched for all my life. YOU are not just very beautiful, perfect and powerful but YOU really know what YOU want from YOUR slaves. Sooner i expect to apply for being a distrance training sub and to become YOUR devoteee because i live in POrtugal. I need to know YOUR email for sending YOU my first gift certificate from Amazon. Now , that i am completely sure that YOU are the Goddess i want to worship i have to do everything to start obeying, serving and worshipping YOU the way YOU want Supreme Mistress Ezada Sinn.
    I kneel and bow down before YOU Supreme Mistress Ezada Sinn.

  3. Ezada
    04.09.2015 @ 16:36

    I am pleased to hear you are following My blog and Twitter.
    Use the contact form on My website to contact Me.

  4. John Macdonald
    17.09.2015 @ 18:10

    I have bought many of your clips. i love the leather outfits you wear when you are whipping a slave.

    I would love to be whipped by you.

  5. stuart
    26.09.2015 @ 20:49

    Dear Mistress,

    after finding Your website, it truly spoke volumes to me. It resonated through my mind. i have never experienced such a feeling when reading about Female worship before and it is a feeling that i would dearly like to feel more of. i would gratefully cherish any opportunity You may feel me worthy of in regards to email training and i hope that i can be worthy of being taught to wosrship You as Goddess.

  6. A.G.
    02.01.2016 @ 14:15

    Dear Mistress.
    I can not put into words how captivated your slave is by you my Goddess. Sincerely i do say, besides your captivating beauty, your powerful and seductive presence lingers in my mind and terrifyingly i have yet to meet you in person my queen.

    If i am blessed with the opportunity to meet you, i would assure you nothing but devotion to your satisfaction, as i take extreme pleasure in knowing my mistress is pleased.

    Sincerely yours.

  7. Deanna
    28.01.2016 @ 00:14

    Hello. I found your site while browsing for more info on Female Domination (intro inside the lifestyle etc.).
    My goodness..I’m absolutely mesmerized by you!! Adding you to twitter ASAP!
    Do you coach or advise other woman?

  8. Ezada
    28.01.2016 @ 10:40

    I have a busy schedule so one-to-one coaching is not possible but with my blog, Fetlife and Twitter profile I hope to help as many women as possible to understand the benefits of a female led relationship. Ask me whatever you would like to know and I will answer if I know about it.

  9. mohamed
    01.04.2016 @ 17:30

    Dear Goddess Ezada Sinn,

    I hereby denounce my real relegion of islam and declare that Goddess Ezada will be my Goddess of Worship , Kindly guide me in serving you and how to offer prayers.

  10. Mani Infeariour
    12.04.2016 @ 22:52

    i confess that i was made for Your pleasure! Doamna!

  11. MADHU
    07.07.2017 @ 21:15


  12. ail nesr
    29.09.2017 @ 04:39

    Dear Goddess Ezada Sinn,
    I hereby denounce my relegion and declare that Goddess Ezada will be my Goddess of Worship , Kindly guide me in serving you and how to offer prayers.

  13. Kamel
    12.11.2017 @ 20:13

    I am a young man, 42 years old, from Tunisia, ready to be your obedient servant for all your orders

  14. thorwald
    24.07.2018 @ 14:07

    Dear Goddess, I am Your serve!

  15. aliselm
    28.09.2018 @ 16:09

    I love you ezada sinn please video new

  16. Ail selm
    28.09.2018 @ 16:13

    I love you mestress ezada sinn

  17. salm ail
    28.09.2018 @ 16:48

    Hello Mistress Ezada Sinn

  18. Tommy Tom
    06.11.2018 @ 17:07

    Goddess Ezada’s at birth I was told that am born to serve U as Ur personal pet dog, I shall be popular in the world as Ezada’s dog, serving Ezada is my priority,living life at Ezada’s mercy & relishing,eating drinking all her waste her pee.poo, sweat,snot,ear wax, vomit,nails, period blood,armpits is my healthy feed,the dirt of her heels,socks,panties,etc is my special day feed.
    Dieing beneath her feet is achieving martyrdom..
    So I agree & willing to sign Goddess Ezada’s slave dog contact for life.

  19. sugpula
    18.04.2019 @ 09:59

    Since I am allowed to serve Mistress Ezada Sinn I am the happiest person on earth. The perfection would be on the whole in the possession of the mistress to come with contract.

  20. sugpula
    18.04.2019 @ 10:24

    I am very proud to serve the mistress.
    I hope to move into their property with a contract

  21. Also
    18.05.2019 @ 03:41

    I love you so very much for your time and I hope you have had an мой зад тебе

  22. Jay
    13.07.2019 @ 22:24

    Dear Beautiful Mistress Ezada.
    Would you please consider adding me to
    your email list?
    Thank you.

  23. Ezada
    29.07.2019 @ 18:44

    you can subscribe here:

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