Masturbation task – the metronome

Postpone your pleasure for your Mistress!


For the next task you will need a collection of My clips (My membership website is perfect!), pegs and a metronome. You can use an online metronome, like this one:


You must stroke your cock in the rhythm of the metronome.

Set the metronome to 40. During the first clip you rub your cock with this speed.

Second clip – set the metronome to 60.

3rd clip – 80

4th clip – 100

5th clip ­­­– 120

6th clip – 160

7th clip – 200


You are not allowed to stop in the middle of the clip. You must last until the 7th clip. You are allowed to cum only when the speed of the metronome is 200, during the last clip.


If the pleasure is too intense and you are about to cum, you will add one peg on your scrotum – this way you can count how many times you edged yourself. Change the position of the pegs between clips.


Let Me know how many pegs on your scrotum you ended up with.


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  1. Andy
    01.05.2015 @ 02:31

    Mistress Ezada, you are so wonderful and amazing. I am such a lucky slave x

  2. Mario
    17.12.2016 @ 19:25

    Hi I m from Morocco , I m guy 19 And I want to be your slave if you want pliz ?

  3. Brad
    03.03.2017 @ 02:52

    Hello mistress I’m 18 and I’ve watched your clips on porn hub and I’m obsessed with you your so sexy mistress

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