1. Sagar Slavevidyasagar Slave of Goddess EZADA
    19.11.2016 @ 12:13

    I want to be a collared slave kneeling before my Goddess Mistress EZADA with utmost obedience and be a submissive,devoted and dedicated slave at her holy feet like Doggy, worship her feet for granting me the boon of eating all her SACRED SHITT. I want her to specifically choose me to torturing me at her will. Humilates me publicly

  2. Sagar Slave
    20.11.2016 @ 11:51

    I want to be a toilet Slave of my Goddess EZADA SINN, kneeling before the sacred and holy feet like a faithful Dog

  3. Vidyasagar.G
    03.07.2017 @ 12:49

    My Goddess Bed you to train me as a totalli pyramid submissive slave at the feet of My Goddess like faithful Dog sieve my Goddess like donkey and eat Shit of My Goddess like oig

  4. Sagar slave
    06.10.2017 @ 10:34

    I want to be a TOILET SLAVE of my Goddess EZADA, Be a submissive and obedient Slave under the holy feet and totally surrender to her highness serve as she commands endure all the pain if tirture for the pleasure of Goddess EZADA to win her mercy of eating all her SACRED &HOLY SHIT to my bellyfull

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