1. Sagar Slavevidyasagar Slave of Goddess EZADA
    19.11.2016 @ 12:13

    I want to be a collared slave kneeling before my Goddess Mistress EZADA with utmost obedience and be a submissive,devoted and dedicated slave at her holy feet like Doggy, worship her feet for granting me the boon of eating all her SACRED SHITT. I want her to specifically choose me to torturing me at her will. Humilates me publicly

  2. Sagar Slave
    20.11.2016 @ 11:51

    I want to be a toilet Slave of my Goddess EZADA SINN, kneeling before the sacred and holy feet like a faithful Dog

  3. Vidyasagar.G
    03.07.2017 @ 12:49

    My Goddess Bed you to train me as a totalli pyramid submissive slave at the feet of My Goddess like faithful Dog sieve my Goddess like donkey and eat Shit of My Goddess like oig

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