Free clip – Mistress Ezada kick training… on balls

GIF kick training on ballsI know how much you, My fans, slaves and devotees, like My clips. I love making them and I continue to do so also because of your constant support – by buying My clips, promoting My Clips4Sale store and My website, offering Me tributes. I know that some of you bought all My clips – I appreciate this proof of love and submission very much. In order to show you My appreciation for buying My clips and supporting My store in Clips4Sale TOP50 (among thousands of other stores), I decided to publish a new free clip on My website. I asked My followers on Twitter and Fetlife from which category the free clip should be. The final result was a tie between whipping, ruined orgasms and ball busting. I decided for a ball busting clip. you can watch the clip for free here.


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