1. horstie fm
    07.10.2016 @ 09:24

    On twitter i stay tuned to You. Every hour i’m looking for Your tweets, hungrily awaiting new ones. Your selfies are stunning. You let us share in Your exceptional life as The One And Only Goddess. We are glad when we can see that You enjoy Your Female Supremacy.

    On twitter i show my addiction to You publicly. Sometimes i get Your goodies. That makes me happy. Thank You, Stapana!

  2. TubbySubby
    11.10.2016 @ 16:39

    Following Goddess Ezada on Twitter has been a great way for me to become a small part of Her amazing life by retweeting Her posts and following the links to Her newest clips, blog posts and interviews. She posts fresh pics and selfies almost everyday that you cannot find anywhere else on the web! My heart soars when She retweets or likes one of my posts.

  3. Ezada
    12.10.2016 @ 06:51

    I am pleased with your work, tubby. Spreading My religion is what every devotee should do.

  4. nuli
    13.10.2016 @ 10:28

    i love to serve You all my life, to cook for You, to wash Your clothes, to clean Your house, to massage Your feet and to be Your human toilet.

  5. Ezadaslave
    26.12.2016 @ 20:27

    what is the difference between misstress and a Goddess. How should slave like me greet you. By saying misstress or Goddess EZADA SINN. Please teach me

  6. Ezada
    27.12.2016 @ 13:09

    My collared slaves must call Me “Stapana” (Owner in Romanian). My worshipers must call Me “Goddess”. My fans may call Me “Mistress”.

  7. Ezadaslave
    29.12.2016 @ 05:17

    Thank you GODDESS EAZADA SINN for teaching me. Happy to learn from my supream GODDESS.

  8. Ezada
    29.12.2016 @ 13:46

    you are welcome, slave

  9. MADHU
    08.07.2017 @ 15:48


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