1. Andrea
    23.05.2014 @ 09:53

    uh..true power show through Your eyes Mistress…as i looked at this photo i have immediately thought of the legendary Queen Omphale, who enslaved Hercules (and clothed him like a girl..) for three years….legendary Queen Omphale-Real Goddess Ezada..

  2. horstie fm
    23.05.2014 @ 13:24

    It’s not the throne, which make You to the Queen of Femdom. It’s not Your whip, which give You the mighty power on submissive males. When i look to Your face, i know: Your eyes, Your lips, Your countenance – they express Your overwhelming superiority. With just one glance You will receive the enslavement of Your devotees.

  3. tomas
    03.06.2014 @ 00:24

    Mistress Ezada Sinn, You are my Queen. I surrender to You. love…. tomas

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